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Self Development and Leadership

Many employers recognise that the Army Reserve teaches valuable skills. On joining as an OCdt, the leadership, teamwork and management skills that are part of life in the UOTC can make a big difference on the CV.
Satisfaction and Self-Development

Learning new skills out of the traditional academic box can be incredibly rewarding. Real value added.

You gain an insight into what motivates you and others, develop self-confidence, learn management and leadership techniques and have fun at the same time. It is also incredibly useful and satisfying to discover what you are capable of under different kinds of pressure - you'll probably surprise yourself.

You will learn the value of discipline, team-work, effective man-management and the application of limited resources. From time to time you will be required to complete tasks in extremes of climate, whilst at the end of your physical and mental strength - and more likely than not you'll succeed.

What seems like the unendurable at the time will later, in the warmth of the bar seem unbelievably funny. Not only will you learn about life and life in the Armed Forces, you will learn vital lessons about yourself. 

Leadership Training

OCdts can gain appointments as a Junior Under Officer (JUO) or a Senior Under Officer (SUO) where you will have the opportunity to take up the challenge of leading and supervising new recruits.

A JUO will usually lead a section of new recruits (8 people) and it will be their job to help you settle into the UOTC as well take command of their section on exercise.

Other appointments and roles include sports captains, mess manager as well as the opportunity to organise your own adventurous training expedition.

Leadership Qualification

As well as achieving success in your academic studies you can also begin your working life with a highly rated national leadership qualification. Successful completion of Modules Alpha and Bravo, makes you eligible for the Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute - proving that you have management potential as well as academic ability.


Take it to the Next Level

You can also apply to the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) which, if you pass, leads to the opportunity to attempt the Army Reserve Commissioning Course with the goal of a commission as a Second Lieutenant (2Lt). 

On completing the Reserve Officer Commissioning Course and you will also be awarded a Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute. OCdts are paid for their attendance.

Interested in joining?

There are 15 UOTCs and 2 Officer Training Regiments (OTRs – incorporating 2 OTCs each) spread across the country.  They cater for over 4000 university students drawn from about 150 Universities.

For all joining information:

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