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The University of London Officers' Training Corps (ULOTC) serves the Universities of Greater London and Kent, but also other higher education establishments in the South East.

Come and see us

ULOTC Officer Cadets will be attending the following University Fresher’s Fairs:


  • 13 Sep 17 - University of Creative Arts, Epsom (UCA)
  • 14 Sep 17 - St Mary's University (SMU) 
  • 18/19 Sep 17 - Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL)
  • 18/19 Sep 17 - Brunel (BRN)
  • 20/21 Sep 17 - Queen Mary's University London (QMUL)
  • 20/21 Sep 17 - London South Bank University (LSBU) 
  • 21 Sep 17 - University of Greenwich
  • 22/23 Sep 17 - King’s College London (KCL) 
  • 25 Sep 17 - St George’s University (SGU) 
  • 26/27 Sep 17 - City University London (CUL)
  • 27/28 Sep 17 -  Middlesex (MDX)
  • 27 Sep 17 - Royal Veterinary College (RVC)
  • 27 Sep 17 - Courtaulds Institute of the Arts (CIA)
  • 27 Sep 17 - University of East London (UEL)
  • 28 Sep 17 - BPP
  • 29 Sep 17 - University of London (UoL)
  • 29 Sep 17 - SOAS, University of London
  • 30 Sep and 1 Oct 17 - University College London (UCL)
  • 30 Sep 17 - Birkbeck (BBK)
  • 2 Oct 17 - Ravensbourne University (RU)    
  • 3 Oct 17 Imperial College London (ICL)  

Please feel free to visit our stand and get some more information about what we do in the ULOTC.

What are we?

Founded in 1909, the University of London Officers' Training Corps (ULOTC) is an Army Reserve unit and part of the University of London, as well as the largest Officers' Training Corps in the country.

All members of the ULOTC are students at universities and colleges within London and Kent, and on enlistment, members become volunteer Officer Cadets (OCdts) of the Army Reserve. Members are all students first and foremost, as well as being part of the best student society in London and Canterbury.

ULOTC offers leadership development through military and adventurous training... And the communication, team building and leadership skills gained at the ULOTC are skills for life: whether an Officer Cadet goes on to become an Army Officer, as a small number do, or takes up a civilian career like the majority.


Our training is structured to suit the academic timetables of all our universities. The minimum annual commitment we ask for is 12 mid-week training evenings, 9 weekends and a 2-week summer camp early in the summer holidays.

Training evenings take place from 1900 to 2200 hours on a Tuesday night, while the training weekends, which are for the whole unit, can be on any military training area in the South East of England. We also go further afield on summer camp. Outside of the training calendar, London UOTC also takes part in a range of different competitions led by regiments from all over the country.


Training and Skills

OCdts are reimbursed for every day spent with the ULOTC, including Adventurous Training.

Those who join us will undertake a broad range of training, from military skills and marksmanship to fitness training and presentational skills. The instructors are Regular and Reserve Army Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers, assisted by senior Officer Cadets.

Training nights take place weekly on Tuesdays from 1900 to 2200, in order for OCdts to learn the skills needed to take part in the exercise weekends. There is usually one exercise weekend per month during term time, where the theory is put into practice. These weekends are challenging mentally and physically, but always fun and enjoyable. Annual Continuation Training is a two-week training camp in the summer and is the culmination of the year's training. 


Adventure Training and Sport

 Adventurous Training or “AT” develops leadership, fitness, and both moral and physical courage, as well as enabling OCdts to experience numerous challenging outdoor activities. All expeditions are heavily subsidised by the Army on top of the pay youll receive.

Recent expeditions have taken OCdts skeleton bobbing in Germany, scuba diving in the Red Sea, skiing in the Alps, and skydiving in Canada, all organised by the Officer Cadets themselves. There are also frequent opportunities for climbing, canoeing, sailing, kayaking, mountain biking, and mountaineering. As an additional bonus, many courses run by the ULOTC will give participants civilian-recognised qualifications, and the option to progress to instructor level and beyond.

As well as having a fully-equipped gym on site and Army-qualified Physical Training Instructors, the ULOTC has sports teams for almost any sport conceivable, including: football, rugby, polo, cross country, hockey, netball, and skiing. 



With camaraderie at the heart of what we do, our social calendar is packed with events ranging from our traditional Annual Regimental Dinner to fancy dress parties in the Officers’ Mess and nights out in London.  The ULOTC is comprised of students from universities right across London and the Greater London area meaning youll have the chance to socialise with people from a wider variety of courses and backgrounds. The experiences that Officer Cadets share, both as part of training and socially, create strong friendships and a sense of Unit identity.


Canterbury Company

The Canterbury Detachment was formed in 2011 in order to accommodate students from the Kent area. Officer Cadets in Canterbury and London undergo the same training, and work alongside each other on training exercises as well as sharing social events.


Thinking of joining us?

Selection Weekend

Depending upon your eligibility, you may then be invited to our Selection Weekend in October if your application is successful. This fun but challenging event will run from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, and is intended to help you decide if ULOTC is for you as much as it is for us to decide if you are suitable for ULOTC. It will include a variety of activities, including:

•           Presentation on OTC life
•           Command Tasks
•           Planning Exercise
•           Interview
•           Group Discussions
•           Medical
•           Fitness and Swimming Assessment
•           Social on Saturday Night

Please note that all aspects of the Selection Weekend are designed to challenge, not test.

All activities (Fitness and Swimming included) are ‘best effort’ and designed to help you improve your own physical and mental robustness, so please do not feel you need to prepare or be nervous about attempting them. Should you accept your invitation to join, we guarantee it will be the first of many weekends amongst lifelong friends, so don’t miss out!    


Contact us

Main Recruiting Telephone: 0207 414 3880

Email: RMAS-Gp-OTC-London-0Group@mod.uk

University of London Officers' Training Corps
Yeomanry House,
Handel Street

Canterbury Detachment,
Leros Barracks,
Sturry Road