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Liverpool and Lancaster

Liverpool University Officer Training Corps (LUOTC) serves all universities in the North West of England, outside of the Greater Manchester area, operating from detachments in Liverpool and Lancaster.

Developing leaders

At Liverpool UOTC we run a university club that is sponsored by the Army. Each year we select and train 140 students from Liverpool and Lancaster who want to improve their employability whilst at university and, more specifically, develop themselves as leaders. In so doing we communicate the values, standards and career opportunities of the British Army in the hope that our students graduate as both good leaders and our champions in their chosen profession.

With the increasing number of good degrees being attained by our students, we recognise the importance attached to "degree plus" activity that sets graduates apart in a very competitive marketplace.

Our training is both challenging and fun, and its variety ensures that we provide something for everyone. It all starts at very basic levels, but we can accelerate those with previous experience or qualifications through the programme. Every aspect of the training, be it military training, adventure training, sport or social, supports a three-year development programme that comprises a two-year learning phase and a one-year leading phase.


We structure our programme to suit the academic timetables of all our universities. The minimum annual commitment we ask for is 12 mid-week training evenings, 9 weekends and a 2-week summer camp early in the summer holidays. Outside of the training calendar, Liverpool UOTC also takes part in a range of different competitions led by regiments from all over the country.

Training evenings take place at the detachment bases from 1900 to 2200 hours on a Tuesday night, while the training weekends, which are for the whole unit, can be on any military training area in the North of England. We go further afield on summer camp; from the hills of Otterburn 

Adventurous Training

During your time in Liverpool UOTC, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a variety of incredible Adventurous Training opportunities, whilst also gaining professionally recognised qualifications. In an average year Officer Cadets have the opportunity to ski in the Alps, sail in the Baltic Sea, skydive in Germany or California, and go spelunking in the Pyrenees


 Liverpool UOTC has a variety of different sport teams, competing at university, inter-OTC, and national levels. Our most successful teams in recent years have been the Polo team and the Rugby team, both of whom have won numerous events at both regional and national levels.

The highlight of the sporting calendar comes at the Queen’s Cup challenge at Sandhurst, where Liverpool UOTC competes against other OTCs from across the country in Hockey, Football,  Netball, and 7s Rugby.   

Outside of team sports, members of Liverpool UOTC also frequently take part in the Liverpool Half Marathon and the North West Tough Mudder.



The Liverpool UOTC social calendar is chock-full of a wide range of different socials, aiming to either provide Officer Cadets with a taste of life in an Officers’ Mess, or to give them a light-hearted chance to socialise with each other. A year in Liverpool UOTC will see everything from the formal Regimental Dinner and Spring Ball to the far less serious socials such as the Toga party, Frat party, and end of exams Death March. The majority of these events take place in our Mess, which comes with it’s own bar, offering cheap drinks for the Officer Cadets. 

Thinking of Joining us?

Liverpool and Lancaster UOTC will attend the following Freshers' Fairs:

  • University of Liverpool  22-23 Sep 16
  • Liverpool John Moores University 30 Sep-01 Oct 16
  • Liverpool Hope University 27 Sep 16
  • Edge Hill University 19-23 Sep 16 (TBC)
  • University of Chester (Warrington) 25 Sep-01 Oct 16
  • Lancaster University 07 Oct 16
  • University of Central Lancaster 20 Sep 16
  • University of Cumbria (Langdale) 22 Sep 16
  • University of Cumbria (Ambleside) TBC

Open Evening Dates


  • 27 September 16
  • 04 October 16
  • 11 October 16


  • 11 October 16

These will give you the opportunity to find out what the UOTC is all about and ask any questions you may have.

Alumni Association

Time with us does not end with graduation. Through our Alumni Association people keep in touch with each other and help maintain the strong friendships that develop while serving. Most importantly, the Association is used as a network to help our graduates progress in the big wide world.

To be added to our database, forward your contact details to the email address on the panel below.
Liverpool UOTC

Liverpool UOTC

Telephone: 0151 729 2031

Email: RMAS-Gp-OTRNW-Liv-PSI2@mod.uk

Liverpool detachment: Crawford Hall, Mather Avenue, Allerton, Liverpool L18 6HF

Lancaster detachment: Alexandra Barracks, Caton Road, Lancaster LA1 3NY