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Regimental dress

Pictured is a member of The King's Royal Hussars wearing the multi-terrain pattern (MTP) combats in Afghanistan. Find out what the full kit comprises by visiting our Equipment section.

Multi Terrain Pattern

Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP)Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP) is the main form of dress. It is worn for guard duty and every day training.

In winter, the Jersey Heavy Wool can be worn over the top of the MTP shirt.

When required, the field jacket is worn over the top of the MTP shirt and also the Jersey Heavy Wool, if being worn.


CoverallsCoveralls are our every day dress. These are worn when working on the Vehicle Park to protect your MTP.





Prussian Eagle

Commonly known as 'The Hawk,' the Prussian Eagle is the cap badge of The King's Royal Hussars.

It was awarded to The 14th Light Dragoons by Crown Princess Frederica of Prussia in 1798, as a mark of gratitude after they had escorted her from Dover to London, prior to her marriage to the Duke of York.

It was confirmed by The 14th/20th King's Hussars and then The King's Royal Hussars as the cap badge.

Barrack Dress and crimson trousers

Barrack DressBarrack dress is worn for some parades and official Regimental functions.

During winter, it is worn with the Jersey Heavy Wool, with KRH titles.

The No2 dress tie is also worn under the Jersey Heavy Wool.

The honour of wearing crimson trousers was granted to The 11th Light Dragoons by HRH Prince Albert, after they escorted him to his marriage with Queen Victoria in 1840 (crimson being the colour of his personal livery).

Prince Albert was also appointed Colonel of The Regiment, which was duly renamed The 11th (Prince Albert's Own) Hussars.

No2 Dress

No2 DressAlso called Service Dress, this is worn for parades and some official events.

Points to note:

KRH shoulder titles worn on No2 jacket.
Kukris on both sleeves of No2 jacket.
Collar badges.
Lanyard worn on left shoulder.
Rank badge worn on right hand sleeve (NCO only).





No1 Dress (Blues)

No1 Dress (Blues)No1 Dress (Blues) is the most formal form of dress and is worn for important parades.

The No1 Dress hat is to be worn with this uniform.

Only senior ranks are issued Blues jackets.

JNCOs and below can sign them out from the Quarter Master's (QM's) department if required.




Crossed Kukris

The 14th/20th King's Hussars were originally granted the honour of wearing Crossed Kukris by the 43rd Gurkha Lorried Infantry Brigade as a result of their contribution to the Italian campaign, including the Battle of Medicina.

The honour has been carried on by The King's Royal Hussars.

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