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Transition to civilian life

If you are a service leaver hoping to settle in Wales and looking for advice and support in this time of change for you and your family then you are in the right place. Here you will find links to information from resettlement entitlements or redundancy arrangements and all the useful points of contact around Wales in the realms of the five pillars of transition.

Soldier to civilianArmy Transition Wales exists to signpost you and your family to the help and support you need. Furthermore it is hoped that the site will also be a source of inspiration and ideas for you to consider your options for the future.

Transition is seen as having five major pillars:

  • Employment – for the Service leaver
  • Education – for the Service leaver and their family
  • Health – for the Service leaver and their family
  • Housing – for the Service leaver and their family
  • Welfare – the well-being of the Service leaver and their family

Transition and resettlement support is delivered by a number of agencies including the brigade's Transition team - email: 160X-Transition-GroupMailbox@mod.uk, Army Education Centre staff (especially the Individual Education and Resettlement Officer) and staff at the ten regional resettlement centres operated by the Career Transition Partnership (CTP). Follow the quick links on the right to find helpful information and advice.

In addition, the Army Welfare Service, Service charities and the Hives all make a big contribution to informing and supporting Service leavers and their families through this significant change in their lives.

Welsh Government Package of Support for the Armed Forces Community in Wales

Wales statistics: useful source of statistics for Wales from schools to crime


Finding the right job is one of the key steps to making a successful transition to civilian life. There are many companies keen to employ Service leavers and you should consider how to present your military skills in civilian terms which a prospective employer will understand.

From your initial contact with your Unit Resettlement Officer (URO), you will be guided through the process of finding suitable employment, as well as how to get the right training to prepare you for life outside of the Army.

Dependent on length of service, the amount of time and the employment support available varies. The CTP provides individual assistance up to two years after discharge, while the Officers Association (OA) and Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA) offers help finding work throughout life.

If you are an Early Service Leaver (ESL) with less than four years' service, you may still qualify for assistance (speak to your URO/UWO), but your first action after discharge should be to register at your nearest Jobcentre Plus.

Regional employment links