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42 (North West) Brigade

42 (North West) Brigade is the regional Army brigade which looks after the Army's interests in North West England and the Isle of Man.
Our region, covering Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and the Isle of Man, has a proud tradition of supporting the Army.

More than 2,000 Regular soldiers are based here, at barracks in Preston, Weeton and Chester. We are home to 3,600 Army Reserve soldiers and more than 7,000 cadets, as well as military training areas in Warcop, Halton, Holcombe Moor and Altcar.

Every year, about one-fifth of all the Army's new recruits are recruited from the 42 (North West) Brigade region.

42 (North West) Brigade works to recruit and train 'fit for purpose' soldiers and units ready to support operations, both overseas and in the UK. For example, the brigade co-ordinated the military assistance to the civilian authorities in Cumbria in November and December 2009, following devastating floods in parts of the county.

We engage with the local community to build and maintain the reputation of the Army within North West England and the Isle of Man, as well as to raise awareness of the Army's commitments worldwide as a 'force for good'.