52 Infantry Brigade

52 Infantry Brigade

52 Infantry Brigade has a proud and long history as a fighting brigade. Its reputation during both the World Wars earned it the nickname of 'The Fighting 52nd' and its recent deployment to Afghanistan enabled the Brigade to re-establish its fighting credentials as one of the British Army's fully deployable Type A Brigades.

Although the Headquarters is based in Edinburgh, the Brigade's units are dispersed throughout the UK and, as an Infantry formation, the Brigade is proud to have a mix of Scottish, English and Gurkha units under command.

Being an Infantry formation, the capabilities that the Brigade delivers are at a premium on current operations. Agile and adaptable, the Brigade's highly motivated soldiers maintain an extreme level of physical fitness, enabling them to operate effectively in the harshest of environments. 

It is the Brigade's people that make it so special. Fully inclusive, the Brigade is proud to be the Army's most multi-cultural fighting formation. This diversity enables the Brigade to operate effectively alongside the indigenous Armed Forces of the many countries in which the British Army is deployed on operations and is one of the Brigade's key strengths.

The Brigade is in the midst of preparing for its next operational deployment. The comprehensive and challenging training programme that it is currently undertaking will fully prepare it to meet the demands of its next deployment, wherever it may be.