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Falklands War

The Falklands War by Martin Middlebrook

Review by Sgt Brian Morris, AGC (SPS)

MILITARY historian Martin Middlebrook has carried out duteous research in depicting the Falklands War from the air, land and sea perspective.

The author also provides a tactical synopsis of the British deployment, codenamed Operation Corporate, which followed the Argentine invasion of the South Atlantic archipelago on April 2, 1982.

Middlebrook has collected and drawn upon a vast array of military personnel’s first-hand accounts; opening eyes to the courageous and audacious endeavors that took place thousands of miles from home.

The use of the islanders' experiences and recollections help to make this a highly educational title which chronicles one astonishing achievement after another.

All in all, The Falklands War is an informative and readable account of an important part of British military history.



Too Few, Too Far: The True Story of a Royal Marine Commando by George Thomsen as told to Malcolm Angel

Review by Lt Col (Retd) Dawson Pratt, R Signals

MANY books have been written about the Falklands War but this is the first time the battle fought by the 22 Royal Marines who defended South Georgia on April 3, 1982 has been told in a title of its own.

Previous offerings have either ignored this troop of heroic marines, commanded by Lt Keith Mills, or given a brief paragraph. These were brave men fighting under ridiculous odds against more than 200 Argentinians. Unfortunately, only sixteen pages out of 158 are given to describe the firefight against the invaders.

A disappointing book and an opportunity missed. George Thomsen was in the Royal Marine troop; Malcolm Angel was not there and clearly lacks the knowledge and experience to write about combat.


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