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18 (UKSF) Sig Regt

18th (United Kingdom Special Forces) Signal Regiment 

18 (UKSF) Sig Regt delivers the military CIS capability to enable UK Special Forces operations worldwide in support of government, Foreign, Security and Defence Policy. The Regt employs R SIGNALS soldiers in trade and Special Forces Communicators (SFCs.)


The UK Special Forces Communicators Course (UKSFCC) is 6 months long and designed to test both physical and mental aptitude. The potential SFC must be fit, motivated and have the ability to assimilate the skill set required to operate modern CIS and apply it within an SF operational context.

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a £4500.00 golden handshake plus £17.57 (Sig-Cpl) or £20.60 (SNCOs and above) additional pay per day. All successful applicants provide close support to the SAS, SBS or SRR. Two Briefing Courses are run annually (Apr and Oct); these 5 day courses are aimed at assisting you with your preparations prior to attending UKSFCC.

The Regt also requires high calibre Non-SFC R SIGNALS volunteers from across all trades.

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