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2 Sig Regt

2nd Signal Regiment

Based in Imphal Barracks, York. The Regiment is a Theatre Signal Regiment within 11 Signal Brigade, tasked with providing tactical and strategic communications to British and coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Role of the Regiment

In recent years the role of 2 Signal Regiment has evolved from being an integral part of the Joint Rapid Reaction Force (JRRF), providing information and communication services to spearhead elements of the Armed Forces on very high readiness tasks.


It is now focused predominantly on the campaign in Afghanistan, and has been restructured to meet this mission. Deploying to theatre for six months in every two-and-a-half years, 2 Signal Regiment soldiers provide tactical, operational and strategic close and general support communications to British and Coalition forces in southern Afghanistan and Kabul.


Signallers will be deployed forward with battle groups, will provide specialist communications capabilities for discrete tasks, and will also fulfil force protection and quick reaction force duties in an infantry role.


2 Signal Regiment is the only remaining unit in the British Army to retain the cross-keys emblem of the 2nd Division, which fought at the Battle of Kohima to repel the Japanese advance into India during the Second World War.


The Regiment shares its barracks with a public museum commemorating this crucial victory, and also fosters retains strong links with York Minster and the City of York for ceremonial occasions and duties within the city.

219 Signal Squadron

A deployable Field Squadron within 2 Sig Regt.  It contains three deployable Troops of roughly equal size, Eagle, Falcon and Phoenix, and a Support Troop which encompasses the Squadron Quartermaster’s and the Squadron Military Transport departments.

Squadron life is fast and furious, but utterly rewarding.  Families and Service personnel are well looked after, and all enjoy the location of the Regiment in the city of York.

2nd Signal Regiment

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