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Royal Signals Shooting

Royal Signals Shooting Association (RSSA)

The Royal Signals Shooting Association's aim is to improve operational shooting standards across the Corps by encouraging soldiers to participate in competition shooting using issued weapons as well as entering other sport shooting disciplines such as target rifle, air weapons and clay target shooting.

Competition Shooting

 All soldiers, both Regular and Reserve, are required to be competent and confident in using their personal weapons to defend themselves, their comrades and equipment in the course of their routine duties. Being a 'good tradesman' is no longer sufficient.

'Benign' environments no longer exist - neither does a clean break between combat and combat support troops. Self belief and the ability to react quickly under stress only comes from the confidence gained through intensive training in basic, and now essential, field skills - the most important of which is use of personnel weapons.

Service Rifle competition shooting is one of the best ways to stimulate interest, hone skills and take pride in skill at arms training. It is also well recognised that competition pressure or nerves has a similar effect on an individual to the stress felt while on operations.

All service rifle, LSW and pistol competitions are designed and continually modified to have direct operational shooting training value and require a high level of individual fitness as well as the ability to shoot from all positions, with and without the respirator, up to 500m

The Corps continues to play a lead role in Army shooting with top Corps shots being regularly selected for the British Army Combat Shooting Teams that participate in USA, Canada and Australia.

Contact RSSA

Telephone: 01258 482168

Email: jens.gronn771@mod.uk

Captain Jens Gronn

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