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Geographic Vocational Specialist

135 Geographic Squadron Royal Engineers is the only Unit in the Army Reserve to provide geospatial support to Defence. The Unit is equipped and trained by the Joint Force Intelligence Group (JFIG) and reinforces their Regular Army counterparts 42 Engineer Regiment (Geo); currently delivering Geographic Information Dissemination (GID) and Geodetic Survey capability. The Sqn has been directed to recruit up to 40 Geographic Vocational Specialists (GVS), from industry, academia and public service, as well as Ex Regular Geo personnel, to provide direct support to Defence planners and intelligence organisations.

Requirement. The Sqn is therefore seeking to recruit GVS at two levels; ‘experts’ in some form of Geo related field and those newly qualified in Geo related areas. The first are likely to be older (up to 50 years of age) and have a good level of experience, the second group will likely be in their 20’s. Both groups are expected to have a keen interest in Defence and be looking for an intellectual and personal challenge. Rewards include:

a. Professional Development: Career and academic opportunities - live operational tasks - cutting edge technology, systems and processes - significant data sets - different peer group – transferable methodology and processes - networking opportunities.

b. Personal Development: Leadership & Management - Instructional qualifications - Team working – Transferable skills – Military Ethos – Chance to ‘Contribute’.

c. Practical benefits. Daily rates of pay, pension, holiday pay, travel costs, food and an Annual Tax free Bounty £432 to £1708 in the 5th year (rising annually) - Security Clearances - Driving Licenses - First Aid. Also access to funds for further professional/personal development courses.

d. Sport and Social. Personnel from the Sqn have been to over 20 countries participating in sport and adventurous training in the last 10 years. Get Fit and Stay Fit.

Areas of expertise include: GIS, Human and Economic Geography, Geology, Hydrology. Web Services - publication of service, Data Management & Dissemination. Information Systems Engineer/Manager – System Networking, Hardware management. Geodetic Survey – Land, Engr & Bld Surveyors. More Info at 135 Geo Sqn home page.

Recruiting and Training. GVS are recruited nationwide and managed from the 135 Sqn HQ liaison cell based at Wyton in Cambridgeshire. Military skills training is based in Ewell, SW London. Currently around 2 years of training (both military and technical) is required before individuals can be utilised in support of Geo Services. However, it is planned to introduce a Geo Employment Board to assess qualifications in lieu of technical training to reduce the training burden to around one year. The current obligation for nationally recruited Reserves is a 19 day annual commitment.

Terms and Conditions of Service (TACOS). The Government White Paper, issued in Summer 2013 laid down the future TACOS and provide direction on flexible mobilisation and employer legislation. Delivering enhanced employer support, pensionable pay and more, in return for a greater commitment from Reserve personnel. These measures have enabled 135 Geo Sqn to develop a more flexible recruiting and employment model. The intent is to maximise GVS employment conditions to allow direct support to Geo related activities across UK Defence.

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