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Diving Courses

Diving Courses

The Diving Training Unit (Army) organises the following courses for Officers and Soldiers of the Royal Engineers and 17 Port & Maritime Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps:

  • Army Diver Selection Course (SEL).

    The aim is to select those Officers and Soldiers suitable for training as Army Divers. DTU(A) assess physical fitness, diving aptitude, ability to learn new information and attitude towards military Diving. Only those who are selected can apply for the next course.
  • Army Diver Class 2 Course (AD2).

    The aim is to train Officers and Soldiers, who have successfully passed an Army Diver Selection Course, in the use of SABA MOD 1, in-service self contained equipment, in techniques that will allow them to operate at depths of up to 30m, as a member of a Unit Diving Team. The 5 week course includes first aid, underwater search techniques, demolitions, minor repair, object recovery and removal and fast water search.
  • Army Diver Class 1 Course (AD1).

    The aim is to train Class 2 Army Divers in the use of the Open Space Diving System (OSDS), in-service surface demand equipment, in techniques that will allow them to operate at depths of up to 50m, as a member of a Unit Diving Team. The 6 week course includes underwater engineering, concreting, hydraulic tools and decompression diving.
  • Army Diving Supervisor Course (ADS).

    The aim is to qualify Class 1 Army Divers as Army Diving Supervisors or a percentage of personnel for training as SABA supervisors by means of assessing them in the following supervisory roles over 5 weeks; local agency tasking in both OSDS and SABA, fast water tasks and deep diving tasks.

Fitness Standards

Within one year of attending a selection course, potential divers must pass a stringent medical examination at their Unit. They must also ensure that they are physically fit and mentally robust. The Divers Personal Fitness Test (DPFT) must be passed on day one of the course:

  • Complete a 1.5 mile run within 9½ mins; after 1.5 mile squaded run in 15 mins.
  • Complete a minimum of 8 x under-grasp heaves.
  • Complete a minimum of 40 x flat sits ups in 1 min (hands on temples).
  • Complete a minimum of 16 x dips.

What sort of person are Unit Diving Teams after?

Due to the nature of diving, not everybody is suited to be an Army Diver. Unit Diving Teams often operate independently with minimal support in very arduous conditions. This requires fit, keen, motivated young soldiers. They must be able to act independently, think laterally but also be a strong team player. There is no requirement for previous diving experience. Qualified Divers attract Specialist Pay as a recruiting and retention incentive.

If you wish to join the Army and become a Diver, please speak to your Local Army Careers Office.

Be aware that Diving is an additional qualification to your soldier and trade skills and not a full time employment.

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