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Organisation and Operation

The Staff Corps is constituted under the Reserve Forces Act 1996 and is administered by the Ministry of Defence. 
Members of the Staff Corps are commissioned as officers in RE(V) but perform no military duties, and receive no pay or outfit grant. The only cost to the Army is the annual capitation Grant which covers communication costs.

The Staff Corps is administered by a Council, composed of senior officers of the Corps; it is chaired by the Commanding Officer, a colonel, who is appointed from within the membership. The administrative officer of the Staff Corps who acts as secretary and main point of contact with the Ministry of Defence is the Acting Adjutant, who unusually for the Army, is normally a colonel or a lieutenant colonel.

Officers who cease to be actively engaged in the profession or the business in which they were engaged at the time of their appointment, must offer to resign their appointment, unless they are specially recommended by the Commanding Officer to retain their appointment, subject to the approval of the Army Board of the Defence Council.

Lists of officers within their disciplines, giving their addresses and telephone numbers, are held by the main points of contact in the Royal Engineers and Royal Logistic Corps. To monitor the advice being sought, initial requests are normally channeled through the Acting Adjutant. Once the appropriate source of advice has been established, communication can be direct.

To assist communications with its main users, the Staff Corps has set up an Engineering Liaison Group to work with the RE and a Logistic Liaison Group to work with the RLC. Their main terms of reference are:

To consider how the combined expertise within the Staff Corps can best be applied to assist the RE/RLC with identified problems. 
To discuss with the RE/RLC the development or extension of new techniques which might have application to the operations of the respective Corps. 
In order to maintain and develop relationships, officers of the Staff Corps are regularly invited to RE and RLC events, including conferences and equipment demonstrations.

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