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The Royal Monmouthshire RE

The Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) is the senior Reserve Regiment of the British Army with unbroken service to the crown since 1539. The Regiment’s current role is to provide formed groups of Combat Engineer Reservists for operations in the UK and abroad.

As Royal Engineers we train and are employed as Soldiers, Combat Engineers and Artisans helping all parts of the Armed Forces to Live, Move and Fight.

Who We Are

Originally an Infantry Militia charged with home defence, the Royal Monmouthshire Light Infantry became a Royal Engineer unit in 1896. The Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) is therefore the only unit with two "Royals" in its title and the only Royal Engineer unit whose members wear the Prince of Wales Division cap-badge.

The Regimental Headquarters is based in the grounds of Monmouth Castle and at Vauxhall Camp, in Monmouth. The Regiment consists of three Field Squadrons of around 140 personnel based out of a number of Army Reserve Centres located in the West Midlands, South Wales, Bristol and the Channel Islands.

Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) Army Reserve Centres are in:

  • 100 Field Squadron (Militia): Cwmbran, Swansea, Cardiff and Bristol
  • 225 Field Squadron (Militia): Oldbury, Stoke-on-Trent and Cannock.
  • Jersey Field Squadron (Militia): St Helier and St Peter Port.

The Regiment is part of 170 (Infrastructure Support) Engineer Group based near Nottingham and we provide the Group with an organic Combat Engineer capability. To develop and maintain this capability the Regiment trains alongside the Tidworth based Combat Engineer Regiments of 25 (Close Support) Engineer Group. As with the majority of Royal Engineer units the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) is now under the command of 8 Engineer Brigade, part of Force Troops Command.

Established for 466 Reservists, Regulars and Civilians the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) employs people with a wide range of skills and from a variety of backgrounds. Our aim is to make the Army Reserve experience as challenging, diverse and rewarding as possible.

What We Do

The Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) is a Combat Engineer Regiment and as such we train as Soldiers, Combat Engineers and Artisans. Our role is to deploy teams from 3 to 140 strong on operations in the UK and abroad.

We train to deploy on operations to complete the following types of mission:

  • Combat Engineer support
  • Infrastructure development
  • Contract management and on-site supervision of locally employed civilian workers
  • Facilities management of military engineer equipments

The Regiment consists of personnel with a variety of skills but in all our people we develop what we call the Militia qualities, namely:

  • Leadership
  • Common sense
  • Physical robustness
  • Self awareness
  • Technical ability

Combat Engineers

A member of the Regiment prepares an explosive change on a bridge during an exercise in Germany.

As Combat Engineers we learn the technical skills to prepare and initiate demolitions, to supply fresh drink water, construct patrol bases, maintain and clear obstacles from roads, and build bridges.

Combat Engineers

Soldiering skills

Members of the Regiment conduct a live firing range practice with issued shotguns on exercise in Cyprus.

All our personnel routinely practice soldiering skills such as field craft, communications, map reading, first aid and the use of a variety of weapons.


Developing skills

A member of the Regiment being taught bricklaying at our Artisan training facility in South Wales.

We develop basic infrastructure and facilities management skills in all our soldiers.

Those that have the time or previous experience can also go on to achieve City and Guilds qualifications in specific trades such as electrician, carpentry or plumber.


Plant Operator Mechanic

A Royal Engineer Plant Operator Mechanic (POM) building a Patrol Base in Helmand.

Royal Engineer POMs and Drivers are essential for our operational role and are trained how to drive and maintain a wide range of vehicles and plant from Landover’s to excavators to forklifts.

Plant Operator Mechanic and Driver

Logistic Specialists

Royal Engineer operations rely on qualified Logistic Specialists to control engineer resources and we use specialist computer software to help manage our supply-chain.

Logistic Specialist


Command, control and communication plays a vital role on operations.

Our C3S specialists operate a variety of signals equipment enabling us to relay information quickly and securely.

The majority of the regimental personnel complete basic radio user training.

Command Control and Communication Systems Specialist


A Troop from the Regiment deployed in Kenya on a Battle Group exercise. Building an equipment bridge quickly at night requires strong junior leadership.

Whether it is commanding a Section of 8 soldiers, or a Troop of 30, or organising an adventurous training expedition, we develop leadership in all our people.

We focus on communication, project management and leadership skills at all levels.

Junior Leadership

Adventurous training

A member of the Regiment competing in an Army biathlon competition in the French Alps. Adventure training is essential to develop the qualities we need in our people: leadership, common sense, physical robustness and self awareness.

We regularly take part in adventurous training expeditions from diving and skiing through to mountaineering and sailing. The Regiment also competes at Army level alongside its Regular counter parts in a number of challenging sports.

Adventurous Training and Sport

Ceremonial and parades

Jersey Field Squadron (Militia) conducting a parade in St Helier, Jersey.

The Regiment routinely contributes to Regional and National parades and Ceremonial events.

Ceremonial Duties

Combat engineering skills

A Plant Operator Mechanic and Driver building a community centre car park in Monmouth. Our Combat Engineering skills mean that we are well placed to provide support to UK Resilience operations and complete tasks within the local community.

Recent examples of this work have included support to the flood relief effort in March 2014 and a number of community based infrastructure tasks in the West Midlands, Jersey and South Wales.

UK Operations and Community Engagement

Artisan Engineer Trades

We develop more technical engineering skills within the Regiment through:

1) Reserve Artisan Trade Courses
Reserve Artisan trade courses are available to all combat engineers within the Regiment who achieve a basic understanding and ability in a range of infrastructure focused skills.

2) Attending Regular Army Trade Courses
Those Reserve Soldiers who can spare the time and meet the entry standards can attend the Regular Soldier artisan courses listed below at the Royal School of Military Engineering in Chatham, Kent. The courses are accreted by the City and Guilds institute and vary in length depending upon the level of previous experience but can be up to 10 months. Courses include:

  • Carpenter & Joiner
  • Bricklayer and Concreter
  • Electrician
  • Heating Engineer and Plumber
  • Building and Structural Finisher

3) Complement Existing Civilian Trade Qualifications
Individuals qualified through a civilian institution in a relevant artisan trade can have their qualifications enhanced by attending discrete modules at the Royal School of Military Engineering in Chatham, Kent. Individuals serving with the Regiment are also encouraged to get their existing civilian qualifications endorsed to allow them to operate in a military environment.

Attached Arms

There are a variety of opportunities within the Regiment for personnel from other Corps and these include:

Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) Chef
The Regiment has opportunities for Chefs who are trained in preparing food in challenging circumstances, in barracks and in outdoor field kitchens.

Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) Combat Medical Technician
The Regiment has opportunities for Combat Medical Technicians who are trained to give emergency treatment, evacuate casualties and deal with the day to day medical needs of soldiers.

Adjutants General Corps (Staff and Personnel Support) (AGC(SPS)) - Combat Human Resources Specialist (CHRS)
The Regiment has opportunities for Combat Human Resources Specialist (CHRS) who provide Human Resources and administration support.

How Do I Join? You can join by contacting our Recruiting Team in any one of our Army Reserve Centres or by visiting a local Armed Forces Careers Office.

You can contact us directly on: Email: rmonrem.recruiting@hotmail.co.uk Telephone: 01600 711455

We will then arrange for you to visit our nearest Army Reserve Centres to you and explain the opportunities that the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) and the Army Reserves can offer you.

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