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26 Engr Regt

26 Engineer Regiment exists to deliver mounted and dismounted combat engineer support at high readiness to Force Troops Command and enable 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade to live, move and fight.

The Regiment consists of the following sub-units:

  • 38 Headquarters and Support Squadron
  • 8 Armoured Engineer Squadron
  • 30 Armoured Engineer Squadron
  • 33 Armoured Engineer Squadron.

Role and Characteristics

The role of 26 Engineer Regiment is to provide timely and effective mobility, countermobility and survivability support to the Kings Royal Hussars, 1 Yorks, Royal Lancers, 1 Royal Welsh and 1 Scots Guards battlegroups. This is conducted using three key signature armoured engineer vehicles, TITAN bridge layer, TROJAN armoured engineer vehicle and TERRIER combat engineer tractor. The Regiment supports these battlegroups in three key ways;

  • Live – through the provision of domestic and working accommodation with the necessary level of utilities (power, water, fuel, sewage).
  • Move – supporting a force’s mobility by road, rail, air or sea, thereby enabling manoeuvre including on the battlefield.
  • Fight – assist forces to fight such as reducing the enemy’s freedom of manoeuvre (i.e. counter-mobility obstacles).

Regimental Exercises and Deployments

At the beginning of 2015 the Regiment deployed on Exercise TRACTABLE and the Combined Arms Demonstrations which are two components of the validation of the Readiness Brigade. Exercise TRACTABLE 15 was a divisional deployment exercise designed to test the ability of the Lead Armour Task Force (LATF), comprising units from 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade, to deploy from barracks via a centralised mounting centre (Ludgershall), to air and sea points of embarkation. It saw the movement of around 1800 personnel and approximately 730 vehicles, including heavy armour. The exercise was designed to satisfy commanders that readiness states have been achieved and rehearse an actual deployment as part of keeping that readiness state in a good condition.

38 Headquarters and Support Squadron have been busy recently constructing the Somme Road Cycle Path, a pilot project for potentially linking the whole Tidworth Garrison with a cycle route.  We have also been preparing to deploy on Exercise SHAMAL STORM 16 in Jordan where the Force Support Troop will provide the Vanguard Enabling Group commitment in line with Army Readiness Order.

8 Armoured Engineer Squadron have recently returned from Exercise DRAGON in Poland last November where they were in support of 1 Yorks battlegroup. The Squadron is now looking forward to deploying on Ex CRAB APPLE  in Kenya as well as supporting other overseas deployments and UK commitments.

Since the return of 30 Armoured Engineer Squadron from Kenya on a construction JFEE, the squadron have been readjusting their sights and preparing for a return to armour.  2016 will see much of the squadron deployed in support of exercises in BATUS, with preparation involving demolition training and LFTT packages.  However, the main focus for 30 Armoured Engineer Squadron will be the delivery of the real life support elements for Op REFLECT 2 in September 2016.

33 Armoured Engineer Squadron deploy in January 2016 to Cyprus on Exercise PINESTICK 16/1, a Joint Force Enabling Exercise, this will see the squadron build and improve infrastructure used by British troops on the island.

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