Royal Engineers Sport

Lifestyles of the fit and adventurous

"I really want to test myself to my limits, and I get that with boxing as well as my job in the Royal Engineers"

Sapper Siobhan Whitmore
C3 Systems Specialist (Regular)

The Royal Engineers puts a huge emphasis on sport and adventurous training as it not only plays a vital role in keeping its soldiers and officers physically fit, but builds essential bonds, plus leadership and teamwork skills.

There are overĀ 20 different games and sports currently played within the Corps, which range from the traditional (football, rugby, sailing and boxing) to the more unusual, such as paragliding, ballooning, enduro motorbike riding and surfing.

The Royal Engineers has a long tradition of sporting achievement and many individuals have represented their country at the highest level. Sergeant Michael Dixon has represented Britain six times in the biathlon at the Winter Olympics, while Corporal Graham Rogerson is a double winner of the Welsh Cyclo-Cross league title.

Whether you have Olympic aspirations, or simply want to improve your personal best, the Corps will give you all the support you need.

The Royal Engineers also offers an impressive range of adventurous training opportunities, which adds physical and personal development to your technical training. You could find yourself trekking in the jungles of Chile or wreck-diving in the Red Sea.

Whether it's regular sport using world-class facilities or expeditions to all corners of the globe, the opportunities are yours for the taking.