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Amphibious Engineer

Using this fast and reliable crossing allows commanders on the ground to gain and maintain momentum on the battlefield.
The Amphibious Engineer is responsible for providing a vital role in supporting the British Army on exercises and operations through the operation of the specialist bridging equipment called the M3 Amphibious vehicle.

The skills

There are four Amphibious Engineer roles: 

  • Crewman
  • Driver
  • Pilot
  • and Commander.

Each role has its own unique set of skills and responsibilities. As a Crewman, you will learn all the basic drills, skills and functions of the M3, while the Driver will gain a category C driving licence before undertaking extra training allowing them to manage such a large piece of equipment. The Pilot will master the controls of the vehicle when on the water, and the Commander combines all these skills plus detailed bridge and ferry site reconnaissance, M3 configuration and task planning.

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