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Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Soldiers and officers employed within the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) are the technicians, mechanics and fabricators that consistently inspect, repair, modify and maintain the large array of equipment that the British Army has to offer. Wherever the British Army are, whatever the unit is, there you will find REME.
As technologies advance and equipment becomes more complex, men and women of REME have to be up to the challenges of training and keeping up to date with modern engineering.

Whether it's maintaining the Apache Attack Helicopter, repairing a Multiple Launch Rocket System or recovering a Challenger tank, REME ensures that the equipment of the British Army is ready for action.

REME careers

reme careers

There are a range of careers on offer in the REME that allow you to progress through the ranks and gain civilian recognised qualifications.

REME Army Reserve

Fixing an engine

REME Reserve officers and soldiers partake in similar training and train to join similar trade groups as their regular counterparts.

REME units

4 Close support battalion on operations

Every unit in the Army has members of the REME attached to it. How many and what trade depends on the size and role of the unit.

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