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5 Force Support Battalion


5 Force Support Battalion (5 FS Bn) REME provides Formation Equipment Support (ES) to 104 Logistic Brigade and affiliated first line units. It is also the sole provider of Force ES to the Army, the Off Platform Repair facilities of Power Packs, Electronic Counter Measures, ISTAR and Optronics. The unit is held at a constant state of readiness to deploy an ES Company including all the Force capabilities.

5 Bn is composed of the following:

  • 1 Field Company
  • 2 Field Company
  • 15 Field Company


The Battalion is split between Tidworth and Bulford in the UK and has a Company based in Bielefeld, Germany. A2020 sees the Battalion moving to a single location.

REME Reserve Bn Pairing

5 FS Battalion REME is paired with 104 Battalion REME. Members of the Battalion regularly detach to work for the Reserve Bn and pairing exercises are common.


The unit has a constant commitment to hold troops at readiness to deploy ES specialist capability to units overseas. These force elements at readiness move though a training cycle which sees them deploy on overseas training exercises to certify their competence in host nations such as Jordan and Morocco.

Further to these commitments troops regularly deploy on bespoke operations throughout the world and deploy provide support to training in Canada, Kenya and the Falklands.


Exercise SHAMAL STORM / GRIFFIN STORM – 5 FS Battalion deploy the ES Company as part of a readiness training exercise. 2016 saw the ES Company deploy to Jordan.

Nijmegen March – This is an international 4 day weighted march of 40km a day in the Netherlands. The event is attended by civilian and military teams from across the globe.

Exercise GRIFFIN SPANNER – This is a large scale Force Troops Command exercise which involves all of its Regular and Reserve ES units who compete through a scenario of Special to Arms and regular infantry skills standards.

Battalion Shooting team – There are a number of shooting competitions attended each year; Brigade, Corps, Force Troops Command, all in an aim to qualify to compete at the Army competition and be crowned as one of the best 100 shooters in the Army.

Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL – The Battalion compete for the Brigade on this international military patrolling exercise. The team will cover 50 miles in less than 48 hrs while performing numerous types of military stands testing their ability in the rugged Cambrian Mountains and swap lands of Wales.

Exercise IRON VIPER - The Battalion deploys a Field Company attaching all Off Platform Repair capabilities with the primary purpose to test the force end to end logistic concept both geographically and doctrinally, whilst sustaining an Armoured Infantry Brigade.

Adventurous Training / Sport

5 FS Battalion REME is extremely competitive in Army and Inter-services sport. As the largest field Unit in the REME it is able to field teams in all major sports as well as a variety of more specialist ones, bringing home silver wear each session. Its unit Ski teams, Alpine and Nordic, represent the Corps and regularly have individuals qualifying to represent the Army.

Winter Sports – The Bn are the lead winter sports Battalion, holding the Corps Alpine and Nordic Ski teams as well as a strong Snowboarding team. These teams lead in providing training for all, building all members of the Battalion’s ability in these disciplines.

Diving – The Battalion conducts an annual diving expedition overseas, training in this adventurous discipline, building on the core skills armed forces personnel require.

Sailing – A challenging team event the Battalion conducts small scale exercises building the skill of individuals. A team will complete a stage of a large scale expedition taking a boat across demanding seas.

Rock Climbing – A discipline that assists in building personal courage, the Battalion conducts a major overseas expedition to training individual and team skills.

Rugby Tour – A joint rugby team with our neighbouring REME units the team is dominant in the league. The team annually go on an overseas tour.

Football Tour – A large Bn the team is ever gaining strength and picking up trophies. The team travels globally to compete on small tours, such as the 2016 Toronto tour.

Cycling – The Bn are working to develop a strong base of cyclists in various disciplines including, Road, XC MTB and Gravity Enduro MTB. The discipline teams have an aspiration to conduct regular training, racing and AT exercises throughout the year