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UK Forces - Operation Herrick

UK operations in Afghanistan are being conducted under the name Operation HERRICK.

1st Mechanized Brigade raises its flag at Lashkar Gah at the start of Op Herrick 18

UK Forces here are made up of personnel from the Navy, Army and Royal Air Force. The majority of this force is deployed to Helmand province in the south.

In addition, the UK has troops deployed in Kandahar and Afghanistan's capital Kabul.

The UK has been at the forefront of international military efforts in Afghanistan since 2001. This has involved fighting an insurgency determined to undermine Afghan government control, creating and training the Afghan National Security Forces and providing a secure environment for reconstruction and development to take place.

Future military support to Afghanistan

After 2014 the UK’s commitment to training an effective and well-led Afghan Army will continue.

The UK has a strong tradition for military officer training, and was asked by the Afghan government to set up an army officer academy to develop the next generation of Afghan military leaders. The Afghan National Army Officer’s Academy near Kabul already has its first cadets in training.

UK staff are training, advising and assisting Afghan instructor partners, so that they will be able to run their own academy.

Our involvement with the academy and the continued deployment of headquarters personnel will be part of NATO’s post-2014 ‘Resolute Support’ mission. This mission, once agreed by the Afghans, will concentrate on training, advising and assisting the Afghan National Security Forces.

Task Force Helmand

7th Armoured Brigade has replaced 1st Mechanized Brigade as the lead formation of British troops in Helmand province, for Operation HERRICK 19. It took over control on 10 October 2013.

In the latest stage of the ongoing drawdown of UK operations in Afghanistan, the functions of Headquarters Task Force Helmand have been subsumed into the wider US-led Regional Command (South West).

Task Force Helmand disbanded

After eight years of front-line military operations involving tens of thousands of British Servicemen and women, the UK’s military headquarters in Helmand has been disbanded.


The MOD has released a new Policy paper: The UK's work in Afghanistan gives a full account of our involvement in the country, starting from the events that led to the UK going to Afghanistan, and continues through to the present day, including the plans for our armed forces to return home.

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