Irish Guards and Danish troops are mentoring Afghan warriors 07 October 2010

Lt Col Ghika, Irish Guards, and Maj Gen Rokos, Danish Commander.

Danish Chief of Army Operational Command, Major-General Agner Rokos, has visited the Camp Shorabak home of 3rd Brigade of 215 Corps (3/215 Bde) Afghan National Army (ANA).

3/215 Bde are under the mentorship of 1st Battalion Irish Guards, as part of the UK’s Brigade Advisor Group. The Irish Guards are co-located with part of the 730 Danish troops in Helmand.

Danish Defence forces are amongst the 46 nations contributing to NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and are primarily working with the British Task Force Helmand (TFH).

The joint operation in Helmand continues a long history of military cooperation between the two nations, which has recently included involvement in Bosnia and Iraq.

Major-General Rokos spent some time discussing the development and future planning of the Afghan National Army with senior ANA officers of 3/215 Bde and then with Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Ghika, Commanding Officer 1st Battalion Irish Guards.

Major-General Agner Rokos said: “I think it is very important that we work together because we have the ANA 3rd Kandak working with the Danish Battle Group and the Irish Guards Brigade Advisory Group advising the Kandak working with us.”

“We see things the same way and we are moving forward in the same direction; that is really important to our mission.”

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Ghika said: “Our relationship with Denmark is fundamentally important, in two ways: First, the Irish Guards Kandak Advisory Team in the Third Kandak work very closely with the Danish Kandak Advisory Team and the Danish Battle Group around Gereshk.

Secondly, the Irish Guards have two ground holding companies in the Upper Gereshk Valley who are part of the Danish Battle Group, so Denmark’s ISAF contribution is vital.

“I am delighted that the Danish Chief Army Operational Command has been able to visit today to see the good work that we and the ANA are doing together.”