Wounded soldier Tom speaks about his experience 26 November 2009

Tom Neathway

CORPORAL Tom Neathway of the Parachute Regiment, a triple amputee noted for his positive determination in the BBC's 'Wounded' programme, has been speaking about his personal experience to those recovering from minor injuries at Royal Air Force Halton's Primary Care Rehabilitation Facility.

It is not uncommon for recruits who are re-assigned due to a minor injury to feel disappointed and sad that they have left the many friends gained during their initial training.

Tom, speaking about his own experiences emphasised the importance of remaining positive and keeping a clear head, said: "You may have a sprained ankle and are feeling sorry for yourself. I don't have any ankles so how do you think I would be if I felt like you do."

His sense of humour was also apparent when he spoke about his return to driving and how he was recently pulled up for speeding. "You should have seen the policeman's face when he saw who was driving the car. But it did not stop me from getting a ticket."

For Tom though, the highlight was clearly seeing his younger sister Charlotte come into the room. Charlotte has only recently joined the RAF as a result of Tom's injuries. "When I heard that Tom had been seriously injured, I thought 'that is it, the military it is'," she said. "I had been considering the RAF for some time previously so here I am."

Sergeant Justin Scholls, a Remedial Instructor at Halton said: "I was very moved by the 'Wounded' series and each new intake are shown the DVD just to highlight those that are worse off than most, but have a great attitude in dealing with their circumstances. This was a great opportunity to meet Tom first hand and his presence has certainly had a positive effect on those that were fortunate to meet him."