A Rifles Bandstand

Recorded in 2006 in the magnificent Romsey Abbey this is the first CD recorded by The Band and Bugles of The Rifles. Under the direction of Major Calum Gray this 'bandstand' selection features solos and marches as well as repertoire on a grander scale.

Fans of the Band and Bugles will be glad to hear 'High on a Hill' (a piece we are asked to play more often than any other), as well as 'Rifles Review' - a medley of tunes reflecting the heritage of the Regiments that have merged to become The Rifles. And of course, the CD wouldn't be complete without the regimental march of The Rifles, 'Mechanized Infantry'.


 To listen to samples click on the tracks in the right-hand column.

1.  Royal Windsor, Frederic Bayco arr. N Richardson [5.12]
2.  Orpheus in the Underworld, Jacques Offenbach arr. Hibbert [9.46]
3.  The Westminster Waltz, Robert Farnon arr. Duthoit [3.04]
4.  The Lines of Torres Vedras, Ian McElligott [4.12]
5.  The Watermill (oboe solo), Ronald Binge arr. Gray [3.48]
6.  Cornish Through and Through, Goff Richards [4.20]
7.  Light Serenade, Calum Gray [3.44]
8.  Lucy Long (bassoon solo), Frederick Godfrey [7.46]
9.  Shepherd's Hey, Percy Grainger [2.04]
10. Scottish Dances, Malcolm Arnold arr Paynter. Pesants [2.12] 11. Vivace [2.01] 12. Allegretto [3.28] 13. Con Brio [1.44]
14. Mountain Song, Philip Sparke [7.37]
15. Robbin' Harry (xylophone/ vibraphone solo), Inns arr. Conway Brown [2.44]
16. High on a Hill, Alan Moorhouse [3.06]
17. Rifles Review, Calum Gray [4.28]
18. Evening Hymn and Sunset (Now the Day is Over), arr. Matthews [1.15]
19. Mechanized Infantry, David McBain [4.04]

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