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FTRS Job Opportunities

If you are already serving in the Army Reserve, or are a Regular Reserve, and are actively seeking employment you should check this site for new Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) posts each week.

Personnel may only apply for a maximum of 2 posts at any one time.

To apply for a post, make a note of the Post Reference Number, complete the FTRS Application Form under Documents and send to:

CM Ops
MP 587
Kentigern House
65 Brown St
Glasgow G2 8EX

Applications can also be sent to:
Fax to 0141 224 5322 or E-mail to APC-CMOps-FTRSBds-1E1@mod.uk

If sending electronically a hard copy must also be sent to verify signature.

The sole mechanism for expressing interest in FTRS posts is by submitting a FTRS Application Form, which for all Army Reserve personnel must be countersigned by the CO.

MS Reserves do not maintain a 'waiting list' of potential volunteers. Reservists seeking full-time employment should monitor the RAOL and if they consider themselves suitable, should formally apply for posts as advertised.

Latest Information

The rules at 2011DIN01-024, Annex A, Appdx 3, para 9.a. regarding Single Living Accommodation (SLA) contained within the FTRS DIN were clarified in Jul 12. A new DIN 2012DIN01-216 applies from 01 Nov 12 and should be read by all applicants. From 01 Nov 12 there is no entitlement, at their duty station, to Service Accommodation for FTRS (HC) or (LC), however, personnel who are granted permission to live in surplus SLA will be charged non-entitled rates which can be found in 2012DIN08-005.

The impact of SDSR and the associated restructuring/reductions throughout Defence will have an impact on the final availability of advertised FTRS posts. Where currently serving FTRS personnel have been formally notified that their post is to be disestablished prior to the end date of their existing commitments, they will be given priority for advertised FTRS posts.

This may result in FTRS advertised posts being removed from open competition. All FTRS applicants are reminded not to jeopardise existing employment until a firm FTRS commitment has been issued by FTRS Section.

Applicants should note that a number of NRPS posts have been redesignated as FTRS (HC) and can now be viewed as such under Terms and Conditions of Service. Only British Citizens who are members of the Army Reserve and Regular Reserve who have a Reserve liability are eligible to undertake an FTRS Commitment. There is no fee to be paid when applying for a FTRS position.

If you apply for a post that is above your current substantive rank, we will normally provisionally sift you out of consideration unless there are no other suitably qualified applicants in the stated required rank. We will continue to hold your details and may submit them to the employer(s) where those applicants who meet the minimum rank requirements are declared unsuitable by the selection authority.

With effect from 01 Apr 09 all applications for FTRS must be submitted via the Application Form available on this site. Previous versions must not be used and may be returned without action.

All Applications must include a RAOL Post Reference Number. Without this information the Application will be returned.

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