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Officer Careers

RLC Officers rank among the most versatile, resourceful and organised individuals in the British Army. In short, an RLC Officer must be able to operate at an exceptional level in any environment and in any conditions.

You'll be trained to command, lead and manage a highly capable group of multi-skilled soldiers who will look to you for leadership in wide range of situations in peacetime and in combat situations. Following the commissioning course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst you'll attend the RLC Troop Commanders' Course at the Defence Logistics School.

As a newly commissioned RLC officer you can expect to be immediately in charge of up to 60 soldiers, responsible for their training, welfare and development. You'll also be responsible for thousands of pounds worth of military logistical kit and equipment. Such a responsibility requires the very best minds and a willingness to succeed in any situation.

In return you will be rewarded with a career that offers diversity of employment, continual scope for professional and personal development and specialised training, global travel and a level of excitement and adventure that we believe no civilian job can match.

As a member of the RLC family, you'll be a part of the Regiment that looks after their own and takes their job very seriously. You'll have the opportunity to plan and participate in a range of sporting and cultural activities.

Officer Familiarisation Visit

Our officer familiarisation visits are very popular and a great way to find out more about becoming a leader in the RLC. During your stay you'll get to meet serving officers, see where we work, and how we operate.

If you like what you see and have the desire and potential to succeed as an RLC officer then we'll help prepare you for the Army Officer Selection process. Please email us direct at RLCRHQ-CRLO-AO@mod.uk or RLCRHQ-CRLO-PersRec-SO3@mod.uk to make arrangements to attend.

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

As you progress through the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst the RLC team of instructors and staff will be there to offer advice and assistance every step of the way.

Following the commissioning parade you won't look back as you embark on your career as a leader and military logistics expert and there will always be someone there to help you be the best you can possibly be. To find out more email RLCRHQ-CRLO-OffrRec-SO3@mod.ukor rlcrhq-crlo-ao@mod.uk

Find out more about Sandhurst here: http://www.army.mod.uk/training_education/24475.aspx

Officer Specialist Logistic Courses

Being an officer in the RLC is a huge responsibility. Ongoing training is a key part of doing the best job you can. After your first tour you'll be able to choose from five courses which all have civilian accreditation:

Port and Maritime Operations Officer Course

Based around sea-borne logistics, this will give you an in-depth knowledge of port, beach and rail reconnaissance, enabling you to oversee safe and efficient port and maritime operations.

Ammunition Technical Officers' Course (ATO)

Learn how to manage, maintain and dispose of ammunition, how to design and inspect ammunition storage sites and how to dispose of unexploded ordnance and improvised explosive devices.

Officers' Petroleum Course (OPC)

Your passport to working in petroleum installations and major headquarters in the field of petroleum. The course covers the roles of a Petroleum Troop, operations in a wide range of civilian fields and other related subjects such as chemistry, electricity, health and safety and fire.

Officers' Food Service Course (OFSC)

This specialist training for technical catering and food supply roles covers everything from nutrition to contracts, accounting and marketing. You'll gain a range of military and civilian qualifications, and a number of university modules that can be put towards a Masters.

Officers' Postal and Courier Service Course

You'll learn how to be the officer with the skills to take up technical appointments in Postal and Courier units, taking charge and leading in this crucial RLC role which has such a wide-ranging effect on morale.

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