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Learn an RLC trade

Variety, travel and excitement are all part of the job in the RLC. First you will be a soldier - keeping the peace, protecting civilians and facing our enemies, wherever they are. In addition you will train to deliver logistic excellence across the battle space, throughout the world.

Junior Entry

The Army Foundation College (AFC) in Harrogate, Yorkshire provides Phase 1 Training to Junior Entry (JE) Soldiers between the ages of 16 and 17 years and 5 months. JE Soldiers benefit from an excellent military syllabus that teaches navigation, drill and weapon handling, as well as providing a progressive educational programme which will see them working towards a civilian-accredited apprenticeship.

As a technical corps the RLC currently has 205 places available at AFC. Split between a Long Course lasting 49 weeks and a 23-week Short Course. Both these courses provide JE Soldiers with course work from which they can achieve a Level 2 qualification in English and Mathematics, the equivalent of an A-to-C at GCSE level. Those who have enter the course having already achieved this standard are placed on a Level 2 progression package, allowing them to work towards higher qualifications.

Having completed training at AFC, LCpl Edney RLC is convinced of its worth,

“If it wasn’t for the way they approach education at Harrogate I probably wouldn’t have very many qualifications now as I used to think education was a burden rather than an opportunity.

“Harrogate was worlds apart from the school I attended. I couldn’t just ignore my education - I had to attend classes as I was marched there by a Section Commander and there were dsiciplinary repercussions if I didn’t do the work.

“Its not all classroom-based though; the Leadership and Initiative Training package that I went through helped develop my teamwork, communication and problem solving skills that proved invaluable when I then went into the Field Army.

“The training team were really good and there is a lot more support than I had at my school as people were always on hand to help me out. Looking back it was clear that the instructors want you to succeed and pass out - but they don’t give you a free ride.”

Upon passing out of Harrogate, RLC soldiers move into Phase 2 Training, where they receive trade training and complete their apprenticeship. The relationship works for both parties – the soldier is given the opportunity to develop as an individual, which is to their long term benefit, whilst the RLC gains better qualified and motivated soldiers.

Standard Soldier Entry

RLC soldiers are renowned for being reliable and highly skilled - fit, organised and ready for action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our people get the job done, what ever it takes, in any conditions. As an RLC soldier you will have a unique, unmatched opportunity to choose from any one of 14 trades that will give you skills, responsibility and rewards - investment for life.

So as well as spending your time providing top cover, going on patrol and dealing with the enemy threat, you'll also have a specialist skill that is vital to the British nation and her allies. Life in the RLC will be challenging, but wherever you go you'll be alongside professional soldiers and the best mates you'll ever have, doing what we think is the best job in the world. You will have a life of variety, challenge and excitement.

So when you leave the Army - your abilities will be in big demand. Employers will know you're very good at what you do - your military experience and logistic skills will set you up for life.

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