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Travel & adventurous training

If you're interested in joining the Army, the chances are that you're looking for life away from a 9 'til 5 routine. Joining the Army, offers you the chance to go to places your civilian friends could only dream of, get trained by professionals in activities like skiing. Plus, you get to stay fit, play the sports you love, or learn new ones - all as part of your job.


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Adventurous Training

Adventurous training helps you develop your team work and leadership skills, which will help you in other areas of your job too.

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Training overseas

When you take part in exercises in places like Canada, Belize or South East Asia, you’ll get time off to try some adventure sports. Or you can just explore which will help develop your skills as a soldier.

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On operations overseas

Working overseas you won’t always have the same comforts that you get at home. But even if your job takes you right into the front line, the Army will do everything it can to ensure you have the training, support and supplies you need.

FAQs - Army Life

What activities could I do as part of Adventurous Training?

There are many opportunities, but the most usual ones are; canoeing, kayaking, caving, freefall parachuting, gliding, mountaineering, mountain biking, offshore sailing, paragliding, skiing and sub-aqua diving.

Do women deploy on operations?

Yes, everyone who joins the Army is expected to go on operations.

Countries of deployment

We're currently found in over 80 countries, but the main ones are Africa, Brunei, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Gibraltar and the South Atlantic Islands. For more info about these places, read our guide to overseas operations.

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