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Challenge. Training. Adventure. Become an Army officer and nothing is out of your range.

A Story of Achievement

With Heart. With Mind. Achieve more than you imagined, when you become an Army officer.

A story of leadership

Army officers are recognised for their leadership skills internationally.

A story of adventure

Army officers don't just sit behind a desk. They enjoy more adventure than most in their job.

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About officers

Regular or Reservist, being an Army officer is about leading from the front and caring for your soldiers. You will lead a life of challenge, adventure, achievement and service. Whether it's commanding a platoon of soldiers on operations, leading a humanitarian mission or helping to build critical infrastructure and rebuild lives after a natural disaster, you will lead a life that is far from routine.

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Your career as an officer

Your career as an Army officer brings a range of benefits. You will receive the best leadership and management training in the world, at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Throughout your career you will be encouraged to take part in a number of training courses and study for a wide range of civilian-recognised qualifications. To keep your body as fit as your mind, you'll also have access to gym and sports facilities, with world-class fitness and nutritional advice.

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Army Reserve officers

Joining as a Reserve officer makes it possible to gain many of the advantages of Army life and combine them with your civilian responsibilities and career. Initial officer training can be completed at weekends or in your spare time with training undertaken at one of the Officer Training Units, which are found around the country.



Scholarships, bursaries, professionally qualified financial incentives... If you have your heart set on becoming an officer, but are still at school or university, the good news is that the Army offers many financial support options to help you further your education.


As an officer cadet, you’ll spend 44 weeks at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Feel like part of the action in our 360 degree pictures of training at Sandhurst.

We don't see a wall

Students at Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College don't see a wall, they see an opportunity.

To join as a regular officer, you need to between 18 - 30, with 35 ALIS points and 180 UCAS points.


Welbeck DSFC

Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College, near Loughborough, is the MoD's modern residential sixth form college that offers a two-year A level education combined with personal development and physical training.

As one of the top sixth-form colleges, students study three subjects; maths being compulsory, physics being highly recommended, the last chosen from 11 further subjects. After Welbeck, most students are sponsored to one of eight universities on a technical bursary before joining Sandhurst to prepare for a career as a Regular officer in one of the Army's technical corps.

FAQs - Officers

What happens at officer selection?

You will be invited to attend a two day Army Officer Selection Board briefing, where your leadership and teamwork skills will be tested. This will help you prepare for the Selection Board, which is a three-day assessment of both your physical and mental suitability for the role.

More advice on preparing for the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB)

How long is officer training?

The course takes place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and lasts 44 weeks for Regular officers, or three weeks for Reservists. People with certain experience or qualifications may be eligible for the fast-track Professionally Qualified Officers’ (PQO) course, which lasts ten weeks.

 After this initial training, you will go on a second course to learn specific skills related to your first appointment. The length of this course varies depending on the type of role you will be doing.

Training to be a Reservist Officer

Initial officer training is a series of modules to develop your military leadership and skills. Module 1 is 6 weekends at an Officer Training Regiment, followed by Module 2 which is delivered either over 10 weekends or a 2-week consolidated course. Module 3 brings these new skills together, culminating in a concentrated 9-day field exercise which prepares you for officer training at Sandhurst.

How much will I earn as an officer?

You’ll earn a salary of £25,727 while you train. This rises to £30,922 when you are commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. If you’re still serving in the Army after five years you could be earning at least £39,628 as a Captain.

Can I get financial help while I study?

The Army offers a tiered scheme of undergraduate bursaries for those studying or planning to study both technical and non-technical degrees. Awards range from £6,000 to the enhanced bursary at £24,000. As an Army Bursar you will be expected to join the Officer Training Corps (OTC) whilst at university and complete a minimum of 3 years commissioned service following Sandhurst.

If you’re studying for a medical qualification, you can apply for our Undergraduate Cadetship, which gives future doctors, nurses and dentists who pass officer selection the chance to earn money while studying for a degree.


How can I get involved with the Army while I’m at university?

University Officer Training Corps (UOTCs) introduce students to the Army and develop life skills – such as leadership and teamwork – through exercises, adventurous training and community projects. It’s about having fun, making friends and discovering just what you are capable of. You get paid for the days you train, and there is no requirement to join the Army when you graduate.

You can serve with the Army Reserve while you are at university – you’ll train in the evenings and at the weekends, and get paid for the time you spend with them.

How do I apply to Welbeck?

If you’re hoping to study for you’re A-Levels at Welbeck, you will need to apply between September and January for the following academic year. Your application will be processed and if you’re successful, you’ll be invited to Army Officer Selection Board before you’re given your place. You also need to meet the Welbeck fitness standards. More information can be found on the Welbeck site.

How many soldiers will I be in charge of?

For the first couple of years as a junior officer you will be in charge of around 30 soldiers. On rising to Captain, you could find yourself helping to command a unit of around 120 soldiers. Alternatively, you could move on to command fewer soldiers in a more specialised team.

What is the Army Officer Scholarship Scheme?

The Army offers a Sixth Form Scholarship (AOSS) to talented students who have good Regular Army officer potential. Only 100 scholarships are awarded each year across the whole country so competition is tough. Scholarships are given on merit, irrespective of your background or schooling.

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