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Getting yourself ready

It’s natural to feel anxious about the selection process, but there’s no need. With the right attitude and dedication you can make sure you’re ready. We can help, with the Army fit app and exercise plans to help improve your fitness, and interview advice and practice tests to help you with your mental skills.


Health and fitness

Fitness App

100% Army Fit

Training doesn’t have to be hard if you have the right support. Our 100% Army Fit app will help build your fitness to the level of a soldier in training. It was developed with the help of Army physical training instructors and gives you simple exercises to increase your strength, stamina and confidence.

Available on Android & iOS devices.

Fitness standards

There are different fitness requirements for different jobs. Open the pdf to see the current standards.

Practice tests

For anyone wanting to join, the Army has selection tests to show your strengths and help select a job that suits you.

You can find out more about each test and answer some sample questions. All of the tests take place at the assessment centre.

Female candidate at a computer

What are your strengths?

BARB stands for ‘British Army Recruit Battery’ test. It checks your ability to understand information and solve problems in your head. This helps the Army match you with roles that most suit your abilities. The higher you score, the more jobs you’ll have to choose from so it’s worth spending some time practising the tests.

BARB is split into five sections: reasoning; letter checking; number distance; odd one out; and symbol rotation. In the real BARB test, you will be timed.

Meeting the Army

Whether you join as an officer or a soldier you’ll need to come and talk to the recruiting team as part of the selection process. This is so that we can find out more about you., and you can find out more about the Army.

Career Centre chat

When you're invited to your Army Career Centre chat, you'll have the chance to tell us about your achievements, interests, fitness, and why you want to join the Army.

You'll be given more information about the Army, and you'll be given a development plan to help you get ready for the next step.

assessment centre interview

Assessment Centre interview

This interview takes place in the final stage of the Assessment Centre programme. You should dress smartly and act in a positive, polite and respectful way. This will help the interviewer to get a picture of the kind of person you are. It will also help them get an idea of what role might suit you.

Remember to bring your ID documents with you.

Phase 1 Training

Phase 1 training

If you're joining as a soldier, you'll start your Army life at Phase 1 training. Your Candidate Support Manager will help you get ready for this. Here's what you can expect.

How to iron a shirt

Practice your ironing technique Army style with our guide to ironing a shirt.

How to make a bed

Being able to make a bed to Army standards will be something you need to crack when you start.

FAQs - Getting ready

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that are smart, and that you feel comfortable in. Most people wear a suit.

Any tips for the chat?

If you want to join as a soldier, your chat will probably cover topics like:
  • Why you want to join the Army
  • What your family and friends think
  • Your current fitness levels
  • How much you know about the Army 
The best advice is to prepare as much as you can, be honest, and be yourself. It's the first step in getting you ready for a career in the Army.

Do I have to be able to swim?

 You don't have to be able to swim before you join the Army, although it helps if you can. When you reach basic training, you'll take a swimming test - and you'll be given extra training if you don't pass. 

In the test, you'll be expected to:

Jump in at the deep end wearing Military clothing and tread water for 2 Mins

Swim 50m in under 4 Mins, not touching the sides or floor, using any stroke

Climb out unassisted.

My son / daughter is going to an Assessment Centre - what should they expect?

Your son or daughter will be assessed in a number of ways to see if he or she has the potential to become a soldier, including the ability to work as part of a team, mental skills and physical fitness. They’ll also have an interview and a medical. It will take less than a week to find out whether they’ve been successful, and can go on to the next stage of the application.

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