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Rejoining the Army

If you have served in the Regular Army, you could still return to full-time service even if you left under the Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme. You can also rejoin if you're ex-MPGS, ex-Royal Gibraltar Regiment, ex-Royal Marine or ex-RAF Regiment personnel.


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We are currently updating our systems to reflect a change in Army policy. If you left 6 - 10 years ago at the rank of Corporal or above, you can now rejoin. Please call us on 0345 600 8080 for more details.

Everyone will have their own reasons why they left the Army and their own experiences, but are you missing:

  • Travel – The Regular Army continues to deploy all over the world, on Ops, in training and through defence engagement missions as well as maintaining permanent bases throughout the globe.
  • Adventurous Training – Skiing, parachuting, scuba diving, climbing, whatever takes your fancy.
  • Sport – Paid time out to go and practice and play your chosen sport.
  • Pay and Pension – Competitive pay and a pension that remains one of the very best in the public sector including the ability for some to aggregate their previous and future service for pension purposes.
  • Allowances and Benefits – Help with child education fees, medical and dental care benefits for you and your family, tap into the soldier commitment bonuses, plus you may also qualify for a loan of up to 50 per cent of your salary to be used towards the purchase of your own home.
  • Personal Development – More apprenticeships, accreditation schemes, educational and professional courses are on offer than ever before.
  • Promotion Prospects and Job Security – Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to pick up your career where you left off and have the opportunity to extend your engagement length in line with current Terms of Service. 
  • Job Satisfaction and Camaraderie – There’s nothing like getting stuck in, gritting your teeth, helping others and doing it all along side your mates.

How to apply

  • If you're a serving Reservist, then all you need to do is talk to your Regimental Career Management Officer or Chain of Command about moving to the Regular Army
  • If you're not currently in the Army Reserve, and want to join the Regulars as a soldier, simply apply online
  • If you're an ex-Regular officer, you can start the reinstatement process by calling 0345 600 8080

Talk to us

0345 600 8080

Frequently asked questions

Trades on offer (Regular)

Opportunities exist for officers and soldiers in the following cap-badges. Not all ranks and trades have spaces available so give call us on 0345 600 8080 to find out more.

  • Household Cavalry / Royal Armoured Corps
  • Royal Regiment of Artillery
  • Corps of Royal Engineers
  • Royal Corps of Signals
  • Infantry
  • Army Air Corps
  • The Royal Logistic Corps
  • Army Medical Services
  • Royal Army Medical Corps
  • Royal Army Veterinary Corps
  • Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps
  • Corps of Royal and Electrical Mechanical Engineers
  • Adjutant General's Corps
  • Staff and Personnel Support Branch
  • Royal Military Police
  • Military Provost Staff
  • Military Provost Guard Service
  • Small Arms School Corps
  • Intelligence Corps
  • Royal Army Physical Training Corps
  • Corps of Army Music

Rejoining as an officer

If you are a trained ex Regular or Reserve Army officer and you would like to apply to rejoin as a Regular officer over the age of 28 years, please phone this number for advice 0345 600 8080. If you're under 28, they simply apply online. For Reserve Officer Entry (under or over 28), apply online - please make sure you include your service details in the additional details section of the form.

I am an Army Reservist. Why can’t I apply online?

As an Army Reservist, your career is managed by your unit and the Army Personnel Centre, so they are best placed to deal with requests to transfer back into the Regular Army. The selection process and offer given will depend on your circumstances and the trade you would like to rejoin. This is the same process as for people who apply online. If you have completed Phase 2 training, you'll not need to re-do any training, unless you are transferring trades.

What is a Rejoiner?

A Rejoiner is someone who has been fully trained (Phase 1). Rejoiners go through a fast track application process and if approved, can rejoin the Army straight back onto their old engagement (or equivalent). They will have the option to Notice To Terminate after 12 months service once they have rejoined. Rank, seniority and pay may be the same or may be adjusted to take into account skill fade but they won't need to re-do Phase 1 training (Phase 2 training might be needed if changing trade).  

There are different categories of rejoiner:

  • Category A. A trained ex-Regular soldier (or ex-RM or RAF Regiment) who left full-time service within the last 6 years who wishes to rejoin the Regular Army.
  • Category B. A trained ex-Regular soldier (or ex-RM or RAF Regiment) who left full-time service within the last 6-10 years AND reached a minimum rank of substantive Cpl, who wishes to rejoin the Regular Army.
  • Category C. Trained ex-Regular soldiers (or ex-RM or RAF Regiment) who left full-time service more than 10 years ago who wish to rejoin the Regular Army. Cat C applicants may be considered on a case-by-case basis according to the manning requirement at the time.  

Conditions of Service may be different from when you were first serving. Your new unit can give you more details.

How long does a prior service check take?

Prior service checks normally take around 5 working days. If more information is needed, due to the nature of your discharge this can take longer and we will let you know.

Do Royal Navy and RAF have to complete the full enlistment process?

Unless you are an ex-Royal Marine or RAF Regiment, you will be classed as an Untrained Re-enlisters and will need to start from scratch.  Exceptions can be granted in some circumstances.

What is the maximum age someone can rejoin?

  • Rejoiners can start the application process as long as they enlist before their 52nd birthday
  • Trained Re-enlisters (applicants without RRL) can't re-enlist into the Regular Army once they have turned 43.
  • Those wanting to join the MPGS can do so before their 52nd birthday no matter what their re-employment category is.
  • The maximum age for enlistment for Untrained Re-enlisters is 33 (or 36.11 for CAMUS applicants)
In exceptional circumstances an age waiver may be granted where it is considered to be in the Service interest to do so.

How can I work out how my pension will be affected?

For information on pensions, visit the  pensions for veterans information online.

I left on redundancy. Can I still rejoin?

If you left under the Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme, you can rejoin the Regular Army but you might have to pay some of your redundancy money back. The trade and rank which you can be employed within will be dependent upon the current vacancies and your eligibility.

How fit and healthy do I need to be?

You will need to meet the same medical and fitness standards as serving soldiers. The medical assessment that you'll need to take will depend on how long ago you left service and Medical Deployment Standard on leaving the service.

Can I rejoin if I left as medically non-deployable / on a medical discharge / for disciplinary reasons / as Temperamentally Unsuitable?

You won't normally be allowed to rejoin the Army if you were discharged for failing a Compulsory Drugs Test, for being considered Temperamentally Unsuitable or for being Absent Without Leave. You will also not normally be allowed back if you were medically discharged as P8 or P7 or were graded Military Non-Deployable (Permanent) at the point of discharge. 

The Army accepts that your circumstances change and, exceptions may be made if it is in the Service interest to do so.

I have tried to rejoin but my application was rejected. Can I appeal?

There may be a number of reasons why your application to rejoin is rejected. If it is for medical reasons, you will be advised how to appeal at the point of rejection.

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