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Fitness is important for everyone’s health. But Army life can be physically tough. You might need strength to move heavy kit around, or stamina to keep going on a long patrol through a hostile area. The good news is that the Army will give you all the help you need, from free sports facilities to fitness instruction, to get and stay fit.

It's all in the preparation

All officers and soldiers need to be fit, so whether you’re on operations, a training exercise or in camp, you need to be able to meet physical challenges head on. It’s not just about your own safety and success – it’s about the other soldiers in your team who rely on you.

You’ll be put through your paces during your Army Assessment with several strength and stamina tests. It’s nothing to worry about and you don’t need to be super-fit, but to get to the level of a soldier in training you should do some training first.

To help you we have created 100% Army Fit for Android phones. Not got a compatible phone? You can also access our free web-based, interactive training program to help get you started.

Free 100% Army Fit App

Start your training today with Army instructors and learn the correct techniques to build strength and stamina. Helping you train for your Army Assessment or Phase 1 Training.

Shots of the Army fitness app


You don't need to be super fit to join the Army, all you need is the right attitude and determination to get there. Find out how to get prepared to pass selection.


Selection centres

Get your nutrition in gear

Good nutrition is important for fitness. Read simple tips about how to eat right while you’re in training to make sure you get the most out of your exercise.