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There are new financial incentives available to you, when you join the Army Reserve of up to £10,000 for ex-Regulars, and £2,300 for new entrants.

Reservist Soldiers

Pursue a different career in your spare time in the Army Reserve. There’s a huge range of roles on offer, each giving you exciting new opportunities. You’ll get paid to train and you have the opportunity to earn an annual tax-free bonus. The Army Reserve is at the heart of everything the Army does – and is set to become even more important in the future.
Reservist soldiers


As a Reservist you get paid for the time you spend training, and a bonus payment for completing a certain amount of training days each year. The pay scale that you’ll be on is based on what a Regular soldier with the same job and rank would get. This increases as you get promoted and gain experience. There are financial incentives available if you join the Army Reserve of up to £10,000 for ex-Regulars, and £2,300 for new entrants. Depending on the unit you join, your minimum training commitment could be 19 or 27 days a year - rewarded with a tax-free lump sum called a bounty. This increases after each year of service. As well as the bounty, there are also subsidies that will pay for food while you're on duty and travel to the unit.
Soldiers in the mist


Working in the Army Reserve you will receive wide-ranging training to help build confidence and teamwork skills, this ensures that Reservists are trained and ready to serve alongside their Regular Army counterparts. Being a Reservist isn’t just about military skills, you will also get exciting new opportunities to experience adventurous training like kayaking, abseiling and scuba diving which are all key parts of Reservist training.
Adventurous training

Skills & Qualifications

When you join the Army Reserve your training will develop your confidence and help you gain exciting new skills, from military training to completing civilian qualifications that will improve career opportunities outside the Army - like NVQs or HNCs. It also shows employers that you’re skilled and motivated.
Soldier at work in a workshop

Travel & Experiences

There’s a chance that you and your unit could be selected to serve on operations overseas, as the Army Reserve provide highly trained soldiers who can work alongside the Regulars on missions in the UK and overseas. It gives people who have specialist skills like medics and engineers an opportunity to use their experience in exciting and challenging new environments.
Mastiff in the sand

Army Reserve Officer

Being a Reservist Officer means that you complete your training and military duties in your spare time. It makes it possible to gain many of the advantages of Army life and combine them with your civilian responsibilities and career. Initial Officer training consists of a series of modules to develop your military leadership and skills. Module 1 consists of 6 weekends at an Officer Training Regiment, followed by Module 2 which is delivered either over 10 weekends or a consolidated course. Module 3 brings these new skills together in a concentrated 9-day field exercise which prepares you for Officer Training at Sandhurst. Module 4 is a 3-week course at Sandhurst. Alternatively you can do an 8 week consolidated course covering all 4 modules. Find out more about being an Army Reserve Officer.
Reservist officers

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