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Men and women have an equal part to play in society – and they have an equal part to play in the Army too. As a female soldier, you’ll have a wide range of jobs to choose from. You get exactly the same pay, opportunities for training, travel and promotion as your male colleagues. And if you decide to start a family the Army offers a good maternity package.


“Being in the Army gives me stability and good career progression. I’ve been in for eight years, but I’ve taken two years out to have children. It can be difficult to combine work and family, but you soon get a system going. I can get the children to school and nursery and then do my job. I’ve been on operations as well. Leaving my family behind was tough, but it was still an amazing experience.”
female soldier at home


“I joined because I wanted to lead soldiers. The Army gives you all the training that you need for your job, and they trust you to get on with it. After I completed my training, I was responsible for a team of specialists. I’d make sure their training was up to date, take care of any welfare issues and check that we had the right people in the right roles to get the job done. It’s really rewarding.”
female soldier

We're a team and we treat everyone as equal, no matter what their background.