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Fitness standards

Fitness is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for soldiers. As well as the health benefits that come with being fit, you also need to meet the physical demands of the job. The Army helps develop your fitness, but you will need to meet some basic fitness standards to check that you’re ready to start your Army training.


Your fitness is tested during both stages of the Army Officer Selection Board process. Part of the assessment process is the beep test, which is used to measure your cardiovascular fitness. It involves running between two lines, 20 metres apart, within a fixed time determined by the beep. The interval between beeps steadily decreases, so you have to run faster. Your score is determined by the time at which you can no longer keep up. Other tests include sit-ups and press-ups. 

There are different fitness standards for male and female candidates. Have a look at the table below to find out how you’ll be tested. If you cannot achieve the required result you may be asked to leave the course.

Test Male Female
Beep test Level 10.2 Level 8.1
Sit-ups 50 in two minutes 50 in two minutes
Press-ups 44 in two minutes  21 in two minutes


Your fitness is tested during the two-day selection process at an Army Assessment Centre. You will go through a range of strength and stamina tests, as well as a 1.5-mile run. The standards you need to meet in these tests depend on your choice of unit and job. Your Careers Adviser and the staff at the centre will be able to tell you more about the requirements for a specific job.

The same fitness standards apply to both male and female soldiers. Check the table below to find out what is expected of you. Your performance on each phase will be considered alongside all the other tests to give an overall score. If you are weak in one area you can make up for it on another test, so you should always give your best effort.




Test Description  Standard
Static lift You need to lift up a power bag by its handles and place it on a surface 1.45 Metres tall. They vary in weight between 20kg and 40kg. The weight you lift will depend on the job you have applied for.
Jerry can test You have to carry two 20kg water containers over a set course of between 30 and 120 metres, depending on which job you are applying for. Complete the course in two minutes or less.
2.4km (1.5 mile) run A timed run over a fixed distance. The course is on level ground and on a good running surface. Your target time will depend on the job you have applied for. The fastest time is 9 minutes 45 seconds for the Paras but for Junior Entry you only need to complete the run in 14 minutes 30 seconds.

How many press-ups can you do? Don't worry if it's only a few, we're here to help you with that.

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