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Wanted: Future Officers

If you are over 15 and want to become a Regular Army Officer, you could apply for either a Sixth Form Scholarship or a place at Welbeck, the Defence Sixth Form College. These scholarships gives financial support to students while they study for their A levels, and secures their place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst once they finish school or university.

Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College

Welbeck, near Loughborough, is the MoD's very modern residential sixth form college that offers a two-year A level education combined with personal development and physical training. It is consistently ranked amongst the top sixth-form colleges in the league tables due to the very high standard of education and outstanding facilities. Students study three subjects; maths being compulsory, physics being highly recommended, the last chosen from 11 further subjects.

Annually the Army is allocated 90 places with a further 75 split between the Royal Navy, RAF and the civil service. After Welbeck, most students are sponsored to one of eight highly regarded universities on a generous technical bursary before joining the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to prepare for a career as a Regular Officer in one of the Army's technical corps.

Army Officer Scholarship Scheme (AOSS)

The Army offers a Sixth Form Scholarship to talented students who have good Regular Army Officer potential. Only 100 scholarships are awarded each year across the whole country so competition is tough.

Scholarships are awarded on merit, irrespective of your background or method of schooling. There are two Army Scholarship Competitions each year. You need to be aged between 16 - 16 years 6 months to apply for either the Spring, or Autumn Competition dependant on your date of birth. Closing dates apply.

You will need 46 ALIS points (43 in Scotland) from seven GCSE subjects. If you pass the officer selection process and are accepted, you will be paid £1500 a year in your final two years of school. You'll also be given a provisional place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst once you finish school or university.

Medical schemes

Army surgeon

Regular medical, dental or nursing students can qualify for financial support during their degrees.

Going to university?

female soldiers in civvies

The Army needs officers and soldiers with professional qualifications. That’s why we offer a number of schemes to help you complete your studies.