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The Army's pension scheme is one of the best there is and you won't have any of your salary deducted to pay into it, making you better off in the long run. The pension you get will be based on your final salary and how long you’ve served for. You could be entitled to payments and a tax-free lump sum after 18 years’ Regular service.

Pensions for Officers and Soldiers

Nobody joins the Army thinking about retirement. But when the time comes, the Army's pension scheme will be there to support you. Most civilians either have to pay into a private pension fund, or contribute from their salary into a company scheme to ensure they have something to live on when they retire. But in the Army you are entitled to monthly payments based on your final salary, without having to contribute to your pension at all.

  • When you join the Armed Forces, you will automatically be enrolled into the scheme - and you won't be asked to pay a penny
  • After two years of Regular service you'll have earned an Army pension that will be paid when you get to the age of 65
  • Anybody aged over 40 who has served for at least 18 years gets the right to claim an immediate pension linked to their final salary, a tax-free lump sum on leaving the Army and a second lump sum when they turn 65
  • The pension scheme will change on 1 April 2015 and from this date Reserve Forces will also be automatically enrolled

You can find out more about the current pension scheme and the new pension scheme from 1 April 15 on Gov.UK

Incentives and allowances

Soldier returning from operations

The Army values talent and experience. Qualified applicants could earn themselves a golden hello and there are bonuses for experienced soldiers.

Army rates of pay

soldiers talking

Officers and soldiers enjoy excellent rates of pay and salaries that rise with performance, promotion and time served. You also get subsidised food and housing.

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