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The Intelligence Corps

Intelligence Corps Operators collect information from range of sources and evaluate, analyse, integrate and interpret this information to inform the command decision-making process.

The Intelligence Corps Headquarters is located at Chicksands in Bedfordshire.

The Intelligence Corps provides an intelligence capability to the Army and wider Defence.

A large element of the Intelligence Corps is part of the Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) Brigade (Bde). The ISR Bde includes the Regular Military Intelligence (MI) Battalions (Bns) (1 MI Bn, 2 MI Bn and 4 MI Bn) as well as the Reserves (3 MI Bn, 5MI Bn, 6 MI Bn and 7 MI Bn).

Intelligence officer talking to Afghan woman

Although one of the smallest Corps in the British Army there is much required of the Intelligence Corps who have a significant number of personnel preparing for, serving in, or recently returned from operational deployment.

The requirement for Operational Intelligence is a growth industry in which the Intelligence Corps are heavily involved.

Under FR20 the Intelligence Corps Reserve are raising two new Reserve Battalions, 6 MI Bn and 7 MI Bn.

Captured IEDs

The Intelligence Corps offers the same financial incentives as the rest of the Army: In order to retain ex-regulars' valuable expertise within the Army a commitment bonus of up to £10,000 is being offered for ex-regular junior officers (captain and below) and ex-regular other ranks who join the Army Reserve.

Reserve direct entrants (new recruits) will be paid £300 upon enlistment, £1,000 for completing Phase 1 training, and a further £1,000 for completing Phase 2 training.

Contact us

Email: IntCorpsHQ-Recruitment-Mailbox@mod.uk
Phone: Recruitment and Selection Team 01462 752135 or 01462 752339

Defence Intelligence & Security Centre
SG17 5PR

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