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The Intelligence Corps

Intelligence Corps (INT CORPS) Operators collect information from range of sources and evaluate, analyse, integrate and interpret this information to inform the commanders decision-making process.

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Intelligence Corps Engagement Team
Email: IntCorpsHQ-Recruitment-Mailbox@mod.uk
01462 752 135

The Intelligence Corps is one of the smallest Corps in the British Army with approximately 1850 Regular and 1350 Reserve personnel.

The Corps’ strength is its people. What the Corps lacks in size it more than makes up for in impact, influence and maximising talent. The common motivation for joining the Corps is to gain an intellectual and physical challenge.

Modern military operations are increasingly led by and dependent upon the provision of accurate, timely intelligence. Effective intelligence gives commanders confidence while planning and executing operations.

The Intelligence Corps provides commanders with this confidence through the maintenance of constant situational awareness and intelligence to support their decision making process, whilst at the same time protecting our own operations from hostile interests.

Soldiers will have the opportunity to become experts in an adversary or area of the world.Officers will direct small teams contributing to real time operations.

The Intelligence Corps is the most operationally committed Corps in the British Army with soldiers and Officers constantly deployed around the world.

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