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Although the Intelligence Corps is only a small Corps, there are many opportunities to participate in a wide variety of sporting and adventure training activities.

Soldier Application Journey

In this section you will find a step by step process for joining the Intelligence Corps as a solider. Please be aware that regardless of whether you want to be an OPMI or OPTI, your process will be the same until Phase Two training.

To apply to be a regular soldier in the Intelligence Corps you should have a minimum five GCSEs, or equivalents at C grade or above. These should include English Language and four other academic subjects. If one of your other four subjects is not Maths then a Numeracy Level 2 equivalency is required. You should also be between the ages of 18 and 32 years old.

If you are under the age of 18, you will need your parent or guardian’s permission before starting your application. Please note, if you are under 18 years old you can start an application to join the Intelligence Corps as a solider, but you will not be able to attend the Intelligence Corps specific Special to Arm Selection until after your 18th birthday.

Army Assessment Centre

If you meet the eligibility standards, you’ll be invited to spend two days at an Assessment Centre. Here, you’ll do physical and mental tests to judge your fitness and soldier potential and have a medical examination. You will need an A or B grade at your Army Assessment Centre in order to progress your application with the Intelligence Corps.

Before, your place in training is confirmed you will need to be successful at an Intelligence Corps specific Special to Arm Selection.

Intelligence Corps Special to Arm Selection

Intelligence Corps Special to Arm Selection is a three day event conducted at the Joint Intelligence Training Group at Chicksands. Here you will put through a number of tests, including IQ, English, problem solving and cyber aptitude. During this process you will also get a more in depth look at job roles in the Intelligence Corps.

Phase One Training

Phase One Training at Pirbright or Winchester will teach you the basics of being a soldier.

Phase Two Training - OPMI

Phase 2 training will take place at the Joint Intelligence Training Group near Bedford. This 15 week course will develop analytical, briefing and intelligence specific skills to prepare you to deploy anywhere in the world.

One completion of Phase Two training you will attempt a 5 week leadership course and on successful completion promote to the rank of Lance Corporal.

Phase Two Training - OPTI

Phase 2 training for OPTI soldiers comes in three parts.

All OPTI candidates will initially complete a 15 week course aimed at equipping you with specialist skills on classified communications equipment at the Joint Intelligence Training Group at Chicksands near Bedford.

One completion of this course you will attempt a 5 week leadership course and on successful completion promote to the rank of Lance Corporal.

For those candidates undertaking language training, they will begin their 18 month language courses at the Defence Centre for Languages and Culture near Bedford. This phase of training will require significant self-determination as you will learn a foreign language up to diploma standard.

Officer Application Journey

The Intelligence Corps recruits all of its Officers during their time at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. It is therefore not possible to apply directly as an Officer in the Intelligence Corps.

At Sandhurst

During your training you will have the opportunity to attend a number of events aimed at providing you with information about different Corps and Regiments to which you may want to apply. These will take the form of a more generic arms and services display, where Corps and Regiments will explain to Officer Cadets what life is like in their units to more Intelligence Corps specific events aimed at those who are considering an application to join.

If you decide you would like to be considered for the Intelligence Corps you will have the opportunity to express an interest in attending an Intelligence Corps specific Special to Arm Selection process.


Selection lasts for two days and will take place during either your junior or inter term at Sandhurst. Only after you have been successful at this selection will you be put forward as a potential Intelligence Corps Officer.

Regimental Selection Board

The final decision on whether you are offered a place in the Intelligence Corps will then be made by a panel of very senior Intelligence Corps Officers at the Regimental Selection Board.

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