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Officer recruiting

To be successful as an officer in The Parachute Regiment you will uphold the Core Values and Standards of the British Army and develop a level of professionalism, integrity, selflessness and loyalty which gains you the respect of the soldiers under your command.
You will be: tenacious in spirit; mentally and physically robust; you will have the intellectual capacity to plan operations under pressure; and see them through to successful conclusion, often in adverse conditions. You will inspire confidence, whilst avoiding arrogance, be humble when necessary and put your soldiers' welfare before your own.

We expect our officers and soldiers to strive to do their best, and they always do. Our success on operations and our reputation as a formidable fighting force is testament to this fact. Interested in a career as an Officer in The Parachute Regiment?

Please follow the links at the right-hand side of this page to find out about the application and selection process. Remember, when filling in the application form and when you are asked by your Army Careers Advisor which Regiments you are interested in, please ensure that you specify The Parachute Regiment.

Potential Officer Insight Course (POIC)

Once you have embarked upon the selection process, you may also wish to attend The Parachute Regiment's Potential Officer Insight Course (POIC). The POIC has been developed to provide candidates with an introduction to life in the PARAs whilst allowing the Regiment an opportunity to make an assessment about their potential.

POIC candidates will be required to undergo a number of individual tests (in which they are expected to show both mental and physical robustness) and team tasks (to evaluate their leadership potential).

Candidates will be provided with feedback on their performance and advised on areas which need further development, if they are to be successful in their pursuit of a Commission in The Parachute Regiment. There are only a few Commissions available in the Regiment each year and competition is fierce.

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