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British Forces support Gabon's fight against elephant poachers

2 RIFLES are catching headlines around the world for their continued work in Gabon to stem the vicious and bloody slaughter of endangered Forest Elephant stocks – said to be funding the Jihadist terrorist grouping Boko Harem.

2 RIFLES training team will help step up anti-poaching training with local park rangers and trackers, which includes sharing operational experience, surveillance and analysis, and the collection and use of criminal intelligence to support successful prosecution of the gangs responsible for the slaughters.

UK personnel are training EcoGuards (ANPN Park Rangers) and Gendarmes. The Gendarmes are part of the Parks Agency (ANPN) structure, which runs patrols in the most heavily poached areas. Patrols are supported by a small number of soldiers and local trackers. The objective is not to use military training, but instead, impart military skills and techniques to the ANPN. This includes navigation skills, patrolling techniques and planning, evidence gathering, first aid, injury prevention in the jungle, weapon handling/safety, fitness and teamwork, live firing, ambush drills and interdiction, and lessons on Gabonese law and Rules of Engagement.


BBC News Report August 2017