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Basic Training

All Riflemen are trained at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick; known as ITC Catterick for short. Here you will learn basic Infantry skills and regimental ethos. Seperate course are run for Standard Entry, Junior Entry and Reserve Recruits.

Senior Entry (SE)

This is a 26 week long course that covers all the basic skills to become a Rifleman. You will be eligiable to attend this course at the age of 17 and it is summarised in the post at the following link;


As a Rifleman you will be trained by a RIFLES Platoon Commander, normally a Captain or Lieutenant, a RIFLES Platoon Serjeant and one of four RIFLES Corporals. This Training Team has a vast amount of experience and will have been on operations all over the world.

Junior Entrants (JE)

Your journey to become a Rifleman will start at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate or AFC Harrogate for short. You will need to be between 15 years and 7 months and 16 years and 9 months of age on enlistment to be eligible to start at AFC Harrogate.

What to expect from AFC Harrogate? You will train to become a junior leader on a 42 week long course. Once you have finished the AFC Harrogate Course you will continue your training to become a Rifleman by completing a 12-week course at ITC (C).

Over the 12 weeks you will hone your leadership skills and be taught the specialist requirements to become a Rifleman. This will encorporate the unique drill of a Rifleman and the Regimental ethos of The Rifles that sets you apart from your other Infantry peers.


You will need to attend ITC Catterick after completion of your Phase 1B Training Course at Pirbright. You will be expected to be free from any other commitments to attend the course for a period of 2 weeks. Over those 2 weeks you will be taught the finer art of the Infantryman. You can expect to be taught by a RIFLES instructor who will enthuse the Regimental ethos of The Rifles.

Regimental Shepherd

The Rifles has people to look after the welfare and care of trainee Riflemen while they attend courses at ITC Catterick. The team is headed by a Serjeant known as the Regimental Shepherd. He can be contacted at the following email and telephone numbers should a recruit or dependant have any detailed questions about the courses briefly outlined above or concerns about RIFLES recruits under training:

Email: ITC-1ITBRiflesshepherd@mod.uk

Land Line: 01748 872765

Mobile: 07826537776

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