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About Basic Training

Basic training is a progressive package where we take you as the raw material and develop your potential through a series of phases which increasingly demand higher standards as you become better able to match them. We will always be asking you to give your best effort and we will unlock reserves of stamina and endurance you did not realise you possessed.


Our philosophy is to train you into the Army not to select you out . Training breaks down into four broad phases:

Basic Phase 1 (Weeks 1-6). The first six weeks are very much an introductory phase to the Infantry. Covering a multitude of subjects such as Values & Standards, Physical Training, Skill at Arms lessons, drill and Fieldcraft. This a busy phase where recruits will remain in barracks and will have a lot to learn. However, parents day on week four is a chance for them to show off and have a night off. The phase ends with the recruits receiving their berets, cap badge and a long weekend.

Basic Phase 2 (Weeks 7-12). This phase sees the final Intro Exercise, the confirmation all fieldcraft tuition and the introduction to section attacks. There is a real emphasis on shooting which culminates in the annual shooting test. Recruits also get away for a week of adventure training.

Basic Phase 3 (Weeks 13-19). During this phase, the training focuses teaching the recruits infantry skills. This is based around three Tactical exercises, an Urban skills day and a week long LMG camp in Altcar, near Liverpool. At the end of this phase, recruits receive a regimental tie as a mark of achievement for completing all the tactical exercises.

Basic Phase 4 (Weeks 20-26). During this phase, the training focuses on confirmation of training received. This comes in the form of Final Exercise and Live Firing Battle camp. There is also a Battlefield tour to Belgium and of course, the Pass out parade.

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