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Officer Recruiting

Command in The Rifles is exercised by officers with a lightness of touch underpinned by a strong, confident & knowledgeable leadership style designed to release the potential found in every Rifleman. To find out more about a commission in The Rifles contact Major David Day on 01962 828531 or email officers@the-rifles.co.uk

What does The Rifles offer?

The Rifles offers an unmatched range of opportunity and seeks to develop the maximum potential in all of our Riflemen. Following RMAS, RIFLES officers first join a close-knit Battalion family (of their choice where possible) - each with an inclusive, friendly and stylish Officers’ Mess. The unrivalled opportunities offered by a large Regiment are then available to officers throughout their career as they continue to seek excitement, the best jobs and further challenges.
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What does The Rifles look for in potential officers?

The kind of leadership and personal qualities that The Rifles looks for in its officers is not always easy to define, particularly when so much depends on the individual. This is one reason why the Colonel Commandant personally takes special care in the selection of officers. We do not work to any rigid formula in our choice of future leaders as much of our strength comes from having officers with diverse interests and talents - a cross section of very different people who nevertheless identify with our common outlook. We look for potential officers who show imagination, personality and a zest for life. People who are prepared to have a go at anything.

The qualities we seek

Actively pursuing a broad church, The Rifles is looking for people to develop that are:

• Caring, with a natural affinity towards Riflemen.

• Mentally and physically agile.

• Open minded and a forward-looking.

• Positive and eager to learn.

• Inclusive, informal and interesting.

*Sword winner Jan 15

A career as an officer in The Rifles

From the moment you join the Regiment your future will be planned with great care and you will play a vital part in this. After Sandhurst and the Platoon Commanders’ Battle Course you will command a Rifle Platoon (30 Riflemen) in what we hope to be the battalion (500 Riflemen) of your choice. Thereafter assignments become even more varied and equally challenging.
*RIFLES Carter & Evans

You will be asked whether you wish to remain within your parent battalion or specialize in the various tactical and technical aspects that The Rifles is able to offer with its five Regular battalions split between the British Army's Adaptive and Reactive Forces. Alternatively you might opt to complete the rigorous selection and training for an attachment to the Special Air Service Regiment, like many Riflemen before you. Or you could add to your qualifications by taking a university, technical or language course. Much depends on your talents and preferences. The Rifles thereby offers the comfort of a ‘family’ regiment and a stylish Officers’ Mess for your first assignment and then the wider benefits that only a large regiment is able to provide as you build your Army career. It is some indication of our high professional standards and the opportunities we offer that The Rifles provides the Army with many of its most senior officers and that Riflemen prosper on retirement.

Contact Us

To find out more about becoming an officer in The Rifles contact: Major David Day on 01962 828531 or email officers@the-rifles.co.uk

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