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Exercise Chosen Man (5 day course)

Become a 'Chosen Man'. Come and spend time, on our Regimental Insight Course finding out more about joining The Rifles. With no commitment whatsoever you can come and experience The Rifles life at one of our residential 5-Day Courses- all expenses paid. To find out more and apply for a course call: WO2 Cowan Ward on 0845 643 9247 or email armyjobs@the-rifles.co.uk

Want to find out what it is like to be a Rifleman?

Ex CHOSEN MAN is an insight course, organised and delivered by The Rifles, which is designed for those young people who want to learn more about Army life in The Rifles.

The minimum age is 15 years up to 32 years and 9 months. The courses are run every month at two locations, Bicester (Oxfordshire) and Edinburgh. It costs you nothing and commits you to nothing whatsoever. You will be accommodated and fed free of charge and will get to see what being a Rifleman is really all about.

Get a taste of what it's like to be a Rifleman. We also provide you with hints and tips on how to fly through the Army selection board. At the end of it all you'll be taken to watch a Platoon of Riflemen complete their training and march off the square at The Infantry Training Centre in Catterick. They'll also be available to answer any questions you have about the training. We're not as old fashioned as you think. Try it, you might be surprised...

If you want respect, independence, friends for life, to learn new skills, excitement and success in later life, we can offer it.   Contact Colour Serjeant  Cowan Ward on Email:4rifles-BnHq-NurtCellWo@mod.uk .   Mobile: 07786020162 for details of how to attend a Chosen Man course.

A typical week on Exercise Chosen Man

A Typical Week on 'Chosen Man' 2

Day 1 – Monday

  • Travel and Arrival
  • Introduction briefs from Regimental Recruiting Officer
  • Fitness (PT1)
  • Intro to The RIFLES and job offer

Day 1 - Personal fitness assessment

Day 1 - Introductory briefing on The Rifles

Day 2 – Tuesday

  • Intro to Drill
  • Rifles Coy and Support Weapons Brief
  • Field Craft
  • Night Patrol Stands

Day 2 - Fieldcraft and paintballing

Day 2 - Fieldcraft and tactics

Day 2 - Paintballing battles

Day 3 – Wednesday

  • Command and Leaderless tasks
  • Welfare Brief
  • Fitness (PT2)

Day 3 - Leaderless tasks

Day 3 - Laser tactical shooting

Day 4 – Thursday

  • Visit the Army Development and Selection Centre (ADSC)
  • Learn about the Selection process and what will happen if you decide to join
  • Travel to the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick
  • Talks from training staff and Question and Answer session with recruits in training
  • Overnight at the Infantry Training Centre and interviews, Catterick

Day 4 - Visit Army Development and Selection Centre

Day 5 – Friday

  • Tour of the Infantry Training Centre facilities and watch a RIFLES end of course Passing Out Parade which takes place at Infantry Training Centre, Catterick
  • Travel Home

Day 5 - Watch passing out parade

To find out more or apply for a course, contact us

RIFLES Support Team

Mob: 0845 643 9247  Email: armyjobs@the-rifles.co.uk

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