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The Rifles is recruiting quality people just like you right now. To speak to someone about joining us please get in touch with The Rifles’ Support Team: Call 0845 6439 247 or email armyjobs@the-rifles.co.uk

How we do things, where we are and why you should join The Rifles

Is The Rifles right for me?

Riflemen are quality individuals, referred to as Chosen Men in our history, who are enthusiastic, eager to get on and up for a challenge. Soldier applicants need no qualifications (although many do have them) because The Rifles places a much higher priority on finding people with an upbeat and determined attitude who want to make a positive change to their life. To be a Rifleman you should have ambition and enjoy an outside lifestyle, staying active and fit.
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Why should I join The Rifles?

• No other job offers the same level of action and adventure.

• No other Infantry regiment offers such wide opportunities.

• Being a Rifleman is distinct and different.

• You will make friends for life.

• You will get all the support you need from Day 1.

• You will get paid to play sport and travel. And with most living expenses already covered, you’ll have money in your pocket.

• You, your family and friends will be proud of your decision.

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It is a special point of pride to say: I am a Rifleman

It is a special point of pride to say: I am a Rifleman

Whether you want to join, rejoin or transfer as a Regular or Reserve Soldier within the Army, The Rifles offers an unmatched range of Infantry jobs, combat missions & locations.

Command in The Rifles is excercised by officers with a lightness of touch,underpinned by a strong,confident & knowledgeable leadership style designed to release the potential found in every Rifleman.

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