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2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment

2 YORKS is a light mechanised infantry battalion and part of 4th Infantry Brigade and HQ North East, one of the Army's adaptable brigades.  It is equipped the FOXHOUND Protected Patrol Vehicle and a range of small arms and support weapons.  Foxhound is an agile and versatile vehicle perfectly fitting the battalion's new role.  2 YORKS is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Humphris MBE.

2nd Battalion Update – October 2016

This year the Battalion has achieved in significant style: the accelerated conversion to Light Mechanised Infantry, with its breadth of vehicles, and the performances on two major Battlegroup test exercises – as a conventional British warfighting Battlegroup and as the larger multinational European Union Battlegroup.

Operations and Training
2 YORKS are double-hatted as the Vanguard Light Mechanised Battlegroup and as the European Union Battlegroup - the latter role was assumed on 1 July 2016. The readiness level is still tangible, with us on standby over Christmas (where we will be at triple-hatted readiness) straight into Mission Specific Training (MST) for Afghanistan deployment in 2017. The Battalion has been described as the best trained in the British Army and needs to make sure it reaps the dividends through to the end of the year.

The European Union Battlegroup LIVEX – the precursor event to assuming the role – was undertaken in the privileged position of not only having our normal relationships with 4 Field Squadron 21 Engineer Regiment and 88 (Arracan) Battery Royal Artillery, but also with a Lithuanian Rifle Company Group, a Latvian Force Protection Company, a Finnish Recce Group, Swedish weapon locating radar and an Irish Defence Force, Plans Officer. We felt enormously honoured to have the really expert officers and soldiers from those countries working with us and, with a combined total of 364 vehicles, we felt a potent beast when we were being exercised.

Around the training events we have had many other successes – the Battalion’s award of the Army’s Equipment Care prize – for the second year running. It is a celebration of some incredible work across the Battalion, but especially in the Quartermaster’s Department, Light Aid Detachment and Mobility Platoon.

The following appointment has taken place:

  • Captain T Flannagan appointed Adjutant

Sport & Adventurous Training
We have won a variety of rugby plates as well as being promoted to the Premiership. The Rugby Union 7s team got to the final of the Las Vegas 7s; the Rugby Union XVs team won the Army Championship Plate Final and repeated that success in the Rugby League 9s. There has been some fantastic cricket played at the beautiful Richmondshire Cricket Club and we have thrown ourselves into the vibrant UK (North) sports scene: winning the athletics competition, securing second in the fencing and third in the cross-country. Some excellent adventure training: most notably Corunna Company’s ‘Grand Tour of the North’: a new route, of their invention, which linked all the parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty in the north. It took 17 days to ascend the 15,107m and to cover the 512 miles that that entailed and they finished with a high profile arrival at Scarborough Castle.

The breadth of opportunity is magnificent and if we are able to keep that investment up over the next year, we will be in a superb place when we deploy to Afghanistan in a year’s time.

4th Battalion [4 YORKS]

4 YORKS is an Army Reserve battalion which recruits and trains spare-time soldiers from across Yorkshire and Cleveland. This light role battalion trains locally and prepares soldiers for mobilised service when required to support their Regular Army counterparts.

The 4th Battalion is part of 4th Infantry Brigade and is headquartered in York with Reserve Centres across Yorkshire.

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