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Balaklava Coy 5 SCOTS

Balaklava Company is an independent rifle company of The Royal Regiment of Scotland. We are currently based in Howe Barracks, Canterbury and are employed in the Air Assault role within 16 Air Assault Brigade. Balaklava Company was formed in June 2013 when 5 SCOTS was re-organised in accordance with the Army 2020 structural changes. 5 SCOTS has a distinguished history dating back to 1794: the battalion was formed of two Highland Regiments, the 91st Argyllshire Highlanders and the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders. Both were successful and renowned in their own rights with the 93rd in particular gaining fame as the 'Thin Red Line' at Balaklava during the Crimean War and winning six Victoria Crosses in one day at Lucknow during the Indian Mutiny.

Balaklava Company will remain in the Air Assault Infantry role until the middle of 2014 when they will move to Redford Cavalry Barracks in Edinburgh and become part of 51 (Scottish) Brigade. They will retain their proven light infantry role but will also complete some public duties and state ceremonial tasks in Scotland. One of their first assignments after the move to Edinburgh will be to provide Her Majesty The Queen's Royal Guard at Ballater during the summer and autumn of 2014.

Balaklava Company continues the fine traditions of its famous forebears on active service across the world. In the last decade they have deployed to Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Each deployment has seen them conduct themselves with the courage, tenacity and humour always associated with Scotland's Combat Infantry.