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The Highlanders (4 SCOTS)

The Highlanders, 4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (4 SCOTS) are a Heavy Protected Mobility Infantry Battalion currently based in Fallingbostel, Germany. In the last ten years the Battalion has deployed twice to Iraq (2005 and 2008) and three times to Afghanistan (2008 with one company, 2011 and 2014).

On our most recent tour we provided

  • The Manoeuvre Battlegroup Headquarters
  • A Protected Mobility Company equipped with the Army's most modern vehicle fleet
  • Delivered initial training for all new British troops coming into the country
  • Trained the Afghan National Army at the Regional Corps Battle School

Since returning from Afghanistan, the Battalion is now focused on becoming part of the Army’s Reaction Force as part of 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade. This requires us to train the soldiers in how to live, and fight from our vehicles over a prolonged period of time and has provided some fantastic training opportunities such as exercises in Cyprus, France and the UK.

In between the deployments and the training the Battalion also maintains a number of sports teams (rugby, football, boxing, cross country and skiing) and we have taken advantage of being in Europe to conduct adventurous training in Germany, as well as a diving expedition to Malta.

In summer 2015 the Battalion will move to Catterick in North Yorkshire. This move closer to home will allow us to strengthen our ties to our traditional recruiting areas and enable us to play a more active role in events such as the various Highland games and adventure races.

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