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7th Battalion The Rifles (7 RIFLES)

7 RIFLES is one of the two Army Reserve battalions of The Rifles and has company locations in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and London. 7 RIFLES has a proud record of achievements that include recent operational tours to Afghanistan in support of the regular Rifles battalions.

Video overview of 7 RIFLES recruiting

Retired from the Army and looking to keep your hand in as a reservist?

Do you need a change from your normal working life which offers adventure and the opportunity to serve as an equal on operations alongside your regular comrades? Why not consider a career as a Reservist Rifleman?

See below for how to become a Reservist Rifleman.

Roles of the battalion

Army Reserve soldiers are paid for the training they attend, which, for 7 RIFLES is every Tuesday evening and two weekends per month with an annual two-week camp that could be overseas.

Roles within the battalion are not restricted to Infantry as we also have

  • Military chefs
  • Combat medics
  • Human resource specialists
  • Vehicle mechanics,
  • Armourers and
  • Bandsmen/women.

All of the support roles including the band are open to females. Training also includes access to sport and adventurous training.

Get in touch with your local company

We are currently recruiting. If you are interested in joining you should contact one of the Companies below to speak to a recruiter, or visit any of the locations on a Tuesday evening at 7.45pm. You should be aged between 18 and 43 and physically fit. We are particularly interested to speak to Ex-Regulars who would like to utilise their skills within the Army Reserve. Do more, be more – join 7 RIFLES.

Find a 7 RIFLES Company google map

Battalion HQ and HQ Company

Brock Barracks, Oxford Road, Reading RG30 1HW. Tel: 0118 953 0239. Email: 7RIFLES-ROSO@mod.uk

Title|Battalion HQ and HQ Company;Lat|51.461371;Lng|-1.0032;Url|

Swindon Platoon

Army Reserve Centre, Church Place, Swindon, SN1 5ED. Tel: 0118 953 0239. Email: 7RIFLES-ROSO@mod.uk

Title|Swindon Platoon;Lat|51.560033;Lng|-1.794505;Url|

A Company

Edward Brooks Barracks, Cholswell Road, Abingdon OX13 6HW. Tel: 01235 548003. Email: 7RIFLES-ROSO@mod.uk

Title|A Company;Lat|51.690324;Lng|-1.303468;Url|

High Wycombe Platoon

Youens House, Old Horns Lane, Booker, High Wycombe, SL7 3DU. Tel: 01235 548003. Email: 7RIFLES-ROSO@mod.uk

Title|High Wycombe Platoon;Lat|51.612542;Lng|-0.798891;Url|

Aylesbury Platoon

Viney House, Oxford Road, Aylesbury HP19 8RN. Tel: 01235 548003. Email: 7RIFLES-ROSO@mod.uk

Title|Aylesbury Platoon;Lat|51.814872;Lng|-0.822151;Url|

F Company

52-56 Davies St, London W1K 5HR. Tel: 020 7629 3674. Email: 7RIFLES-ROSO@mod.uk

Title|F Company;Lat|51.513267;Lng|-0.148513;Url|

G Company

Army Reserve Centre, The Cedars, Portway, West Ham E15 3QN. Tel: 020 8472 0140. Email: 7RIFLES-ROSO@mod.uk

Title|G Company;Lat|51.537948;Lng|0.017;Url|

The Waterloo Band and Bugles of the Rifles

The Waterloo Band and Bugles of the Rifles is part of 7 Rifles and rehearses in our own purpose-built modern band block on the same site as A Coy at Edward Brooks Barracks, Abingdon. We wear the same uniforms, play the same type of music and get paid the same as our colleagues in the Regular Army, but only part-time. We fit the band commitment of training and engagements around our full-time jobs, at evenings and weekends.

The band’s regimental traditions date back as far as the Peninsular Wars, and includes the use of the silver bugle (both played and worn) and a distinctly fast marching speed of 140 paces per minute; our regiment ‘Sounds’ Retreat, as opposed to other regiments that ‘Beat’ Retreat.

The Waterloo Band and Bugles perform locally, across the UK and internationally both for military and public events. Last year the band played at the Basel International Tattoo in Switzerland, this year we will be attending the Bermuda Tattoo. The band and bugles perform altogether in a marching band for events such as Freedom and Homecoming Parades, and marching displays for county shows, garden parties and charity events, and as a sit-down 35 piece concert band performing a wide range of music from traditional classical pieces and show tunes to modern pop arrangements. We can break down into a Mess band, brass quintet, clarinet quin `tet and saxophone quartet for smaller venues. Our bugle platoon performs both with the band and alone as a platoon or in smaller numbers playing traditional calls, for example for weddings, funerals and Remembrance ceremonies.

Both the band and bugle platoon are recruiting now. We rehearse on a Tuesday evening from 19.45 – 21.45hrs. Please phone either the Band PSI or Band Recruiter on 01235 548028 for more information.

Thinking of joining?

Whether you want to join, rejoin or transfer as a Regular or Reserve Soldier within the Army, The Rifles offers an unmatched range of Infantry jobs, combat missions & locations.

Command in The Rifles is excercised by officers with a lightness of touch,underpinned by a strong,confident & knowledgeable leadership style designed to release the potential found in every Rifleman.

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