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4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment

4 YORKS is the British Army's reserve infantry battalion in Yorkshire and Teesside and is part of 4th Infantry Brigade and HQ North East. It provides individuals and groups to support the Army and in particular our Regular Yorkshire Regiment battalions. 4 YORKS is an Army Reserve Battalion commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Mark Yates and our Headquarters is Worsley Barracks in Fulford, York.

4th Battalion Update – March 2017

The most significant recent news is that B Company will stay part of the Battalion. This fantastic news was due to the huge efforts made in recruiting, mentoring and retaining soldiers by all those who will now be known as Quebec Company. The good news didn't stop as we have a further platoon uplift at Quebec Coy and an increase in the Mortar Platoon in Beverley. Therefore, we will keep out current footprint across the region and ensure we continue delivering our contribution to operations, defence engagement, training and working with our communities.

Operations and Training
Recently we have been working to identify opportunities for expansion. Corunna Company will shortly be going into Bradford and take over an unused Army Reserve Centre to enhance our presence. With the City of Culture being awarded to Hull, Alma Company has plans in place for Armed Forces Day which will be a great source of exposure for the Regiment.

Training goes from strength to strength as we have centralised all training weekends under a sponsoring company. Urban Operations, Chemical & Biological training and live firing have all been conducted over the last few months with an increased focus on basics at section and platoon levels. Getting decent numbers out on the weekends at one location provides a genuine opportunity to command and lead at every level up to platoon. This all contributes the wider offer that we are keen to develop so that everybody in 4 YORKS enjoys being part of the Unit and actively wants to train.

A small number of soldiers are preparing to support 2 YORKS on the upcoming Op TORAL (Afghanistan) deployment. We are glad to be part of this and we look forward to a successful selection and mobilisation. There are plenty of opportunities for those not selected; we will be sending soldiers to 1 YORKS to deploy to BATUS (Canada) in the summer and supporting an overseas training exercise (OTX) led by 4 LANCS to Slovenia.

Recruitment continues to go well and is bucking the downturn that is being seen in many other Units.  We continue to produce an ever-increasing number of recruits into the Battalion and have recently seen us pass the 80% manned strength.  New recruiting material has been received and we hope to exploit social media more to increase our influence.  We hope that the incredible efforts in Middlesbrough will pay off as we wait for the A2020 Refine announcement.  Next year we hope to be report they will become permanently established and re-designated as Quebec Coy.

Key Appointments
The following appointments took place:

  • Warrant Officer Class 1 M MURRAY appointed Regimental Operations Support Officer

Sport & Adventurous Training
If the green training isn’t enough, a successful skiing expedition was completed in February with mountain biking and mountaineering expeditions being planned later in the year.

We will have a significant changeover in the Battalion hierarchy, with the Executive Officer (XO), Quartermaster (QM), Adjutant (Adjt) and Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) all departing within the next two months. There will also be a number of new Company Commander announcements. The Battalion’s training plans include a battlefield study to Picardy in April, exercise the Freedom of the Kingston upon Hull in June, deploy on ADE somewhere in England in September, followed by Brigade military skills competitions. Now is the time to be in the Reserves and 4 YORKS is the Reserve unit to be in Yorkshire and Teesside.

4 YORKS - Spare-time opportunities

The 4th Battalion recruits spare-time soldiers and specialist tradesmen from our eight Army Reserve Centres. Speak to our recruit mentoring team about what's currently on offer for ex-Regulars and new recruits. We also recruit females for some posts.

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